Best Prank You Ever Pulled on Someone/Best Joke Ever Told to Someone

I put a prank computer virus on one of my friend’s computer. It basically just made their computer turn on and off

To be honest, I don’t pull a lot of pranks. I definitely haven’t in a long time, since I’ve got few IRL friends to pull 'em on lol. I don’t really care for that sort of thing anyway :man_shrugging: :t_rex:

It was 2am (and no I was not drunk), and my mom was coming home after a business trip. I can track her phone so I had a general idea of when she was coming home, I heard the garage door open and I ran to the back door, and when my mom opened the door I stuck my hand in her face (it’s pitch black she can’t see anything), and I have never heard her scream so loud in my life. The next day she was very upset with me, she still talks about it to this day.

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The best one I have seen was done by a family member. My mum was watching a horror film. I can’t remember which but my dad knew it and knew which parts were the jumpy bits. So he excuses himself for a bit, sneaks out the back and crawls to the window near where she was sitting, waited there until the jumpy part happened and just jumps up, screams and bangs on the window.

To set the seen it was like 10 at night and pitch black.

The reaction was priceless. Her later vengeance… Brutal.

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I’m sure mine would be a Halloween prank.
A couple years ago, I always had these kids/teenagers that would mess around and steal ALL of the candy I put outside. So the next year, I put a warning sign, saying only take the skittles and KitKats, but I also had Reece’s cups in there too.
As I expected, the teens took all of the candy. Little did they know, I put hot sauce in the center of those peanut butter candies :smiling_imp::woman_shrugging:t3: I warned them, the little kids were so nice, they listened. Lol it was hilarious to find a couple of the teens not far from the house opening their candies and eating them, only to find that.

Long story short. They took my warnings seriously the next time.


Back in the day, I had a roommate who was a MOOCH - always trying to bum some of my food and whatnot. So one day I went to a local restaurant known to have a special REALLY hot salsa you could request. I brought home some extra chips and salsa and proceeded to set it all out on the table. No sooner than I set everything out, he took a chip and scooped a BUNCH of the special salsa on it, took a bite, and proceeded to tell me something (could have been profound for all I know - I wasn’t listening, as he took an even bigger scoop of salsa than I could have hoped for). He started talking normally at first, then a look of panic came over his face. He ran to the sink and began spitting and moaning… ended up putting his whole face under the faucet!

And guess who made sure there was no milk or bread in the house :smiling_imp::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Nice… good way to give mom a cardiac stress test…

This was a few years ago in high school. I had a “friend” who always pulled mean pranks like pantsing, tripping, slapping sunburns; he was basically a bully who tried to play your friend so he could get away with it by saying he was just playing around any time you’d get pissed. He was also one of the biggest guys in school.

To get him back one time, I took some of those hollow gumballs, drilled a hole in them and filled them up with cayenne pepper. I made a paste to cover the hole and painted them with food coloring. The next day on the bus I got on and sat right on the other side of the aisle, making sure to flash my gumballs for him to see. Being the mooch he was, he asked for one and I gave him 2. He popped those in his mouth and started chewing and not 2 seconds later “Oh my god, what the f*ck!” He started spitting, then coughing and tearing up, it was a long ride to school for him. He threatened to whoop me but I used his line, “Trevor, you know I was just playin’ man!” He decided not to be my friend anymore after that, which was fine by me!


Senior prank day. A friend of mine grew up on a small farm. They had pigs. So we took 9 of the babies and numbered them 1-8 and 10. We let them go in the school. The staff searched all day for piglet #9 lol


Oh man I thought you said murdered instead of numbered :cold_sweat: I need a nap. :t_rex:

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Lol no that came later in there lives

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That is genius!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Place 3-4 Pops, some call ‘em Snaps, on the top of the toilet rim your lady uses and ease the seat down nice and easy at bedtime. The screams during that midnight pee run are priceless.

Kinda lame but: Where I work we’re required by law to lock our computers when we leave our desks, so one time someone forgot to lock their computer and got up to do whatever (go to the bathroom, lunch, etc.) My manager went over to their desk and flipped the computer screen window sideways and locked the computer so when the employee came back to login they spent 20 minutes trying to login to their computer and ended up clocking in late.


One of my best pranks was this Easter/April Fools. We were having a house party at our house with all of our family members. There was a bowl of jelly beans near the front door so when people walked in they would grab a handful of them and pop them in their mouths. What they didn’t know was that they weren’t the normal jelly beans but the beanboozled ones. We had a hidden a camera to get their reactions and it was so hilarious!


In my former life (i.e. way back when, when my job was different from what I do now) I use to have a co-worker that was always drinking blue kool-aid. Well being in the medical field, it wasn’t hard to get my hands on some Methylene Blue, (if you don’t know what Methylene Blue is, just be patient) which was eagerly added to his kool-aid when he wasn’t looking. He happily drank the kool-aid. Now all I had to do was wait for the right moment, when he needed to relieve his bladder. I have never seen someone leave the restroom so fast and the look on his face was priceless.

Methylene Blue is a dye that will turn your urine blue if you ingest it.