Best prizes for low level?

I’m a new player to this game - currently level 22, breading and hatching blue dragons. I’ve been wondering which prize patch would give me best benefits. I have 1400 sigils and unlocked Reginald last week. I know I won’t be able to get many tokens so what should be my strategy ? Unlock all seasonal dragons, keep to one branch or something different ?


I believe at this point, waiting for next event is prefered, in case that you want to have more options

Well you would definitely want to finish a riders complete line.
If I was just starting I would completely dragons line to sapphire stone and collect as many gold chest and E.embers as possible so 2 prizes after sapphire stone would be good :hugs: welcome to war dragons
Also only open gold chest during PVP events for Inner Flame and energy boxes and try to save some gold chest for next season it’s good to plan ahead and try to finish next season discount dragon during discount period

I’d suggest a different thing.
Get the best possible drags, and focus on one line.
Join Atlas team, and get Atlas rider. Thus, collect shards and build a good gear set for the dragon.

Pick a rider next season, or get 500 blue shards from Atlas seasonal branch.
I’d recommend Sophia.


She said she already started the rider so finishing would be good idea! And I disagree with finishing a dragon line completely gold and e ember would be more beneficial for progression! More dragons come every season and this way she/he will know what dragon they prefer!

Some info to put this in context. There’s another dragon line coming next week, and another rider. On Halloween there will be one final dragon. You can’t hatch any of the current seasonal dragons until you reach level 28 and upgrade your incubator to hatch orange dragons, and you can’t use some of the prizes in the rider lines until you reach level 40 and unlock gear crafting. Next week should be a building event, so you might reach one or both of those levels.

You almost certainly want to focus on one line to a good stopping point, and I would make it a dragon, not a rider. A rider needs something to ride on, and that should be a great seasonal dragon. A partial dragon is great until you hit a certain level and outgrow him. A partial rider will always be with you and always be mediocre.

I can’t tell you which dragon to choose, but i would wait until info about the Halloween dragon is released if you can stand to, since it might be something you want.

(Edit: I’m following OP’s assumption that they won’t have a ton of sigils, not enough to finish a line. If they did end up with 30k sigils, i would probably still prefer a dragon or two to sapphire+ over a rider and no dragon. Ettin and Amarok and even Whalegnawer will only take them so far. But half a dragon and half a rider for the shards & scrolls to kickstart a gear set may be worth considering. As Orca says, Atlas is another, possibly much cheaper, way to get the gear building supplies and a starter rider, but you have to play more atlas if you want to actually level the rider… It’s a lot to think about at level 22.)

  1. With current catch up mechanic, she’ll get past her current tier very fast. Without a good dragon, she’ll need to get carried over for most time, as most (if not all, below sapphire) lineage dragons can’t perform as well as divines at the same den level.
  2. It’ll be hard for her (at her current level) to complete one full line. If you can’t finish one rider line, might as well switching to dragon line as fast as possible. The aim here is the glyph, as for some dragons, glyph can boost a dragon immensely.
  3. There is still 9 events after this KW, enough to collect as many sigils as possible.

Contradict yourself much

What I meant to focus on one line is not necessarily forcing them to complete the whole line, but doing their best to get as far as possible in the line.

I say get all drag divines for now till green or gold stone then consider finishing a whole line when you get bigger next season. As orca said, divine dragons are the thing now, most of the lineage ones are just breeders.

For low levels, getting the rider and JUST enough to get the rider is good for that line and stop. You don’t need a rider with all the skills, you just need something to hold gear for when you can start crafting.

I would wait until next week and get a divine that looks cool to you. You could also wait for 4 weeks when the “festive” comes out. As far as how much to get, Id actually get as many dragons to gold and then stop. By the time you’re out of gold it’ll be next season comfortably.


Kinda have mixed feelings with this, as I prefer having one dragon with higher evolution stone, just in case we don’t like the next season’s dragon (p.s. my Pros last longer than what I’ve expected).


You can’t use the platinum stone for a dragon until level 102. Most players will not go from 22 -> 102 in 3 months. Likely won’t even hit 102 until Spring season, honestly.


sticking with one line as a lower level player is good save your gold chests to open during the 2 week discount period at the beginning of the season

I agree with orca, pick a dragon and get as many stones as you can for it. Finishing a rider is a hard slog, and not as worth it at your level.

We have a hunter dragon coming out this week, which might be good. The invoker might also be a good option :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all replies, guess i will wait a bit with spending

I’m a bit late to the party, but I want to put in my 2 cents.
I would suggest stopping on the rider and going for a divine dragon. I’m assuming since you’re new you don’t have one yet. Pick whichever type fits your fancy(ie if you like warriors over hunters/sorcerers/invokers you can pick hyaku).
When i was new(a year ago) I made a mistake and picked around the branches too much. I was only able to get Cavaleris and Somnus to platinum stones. I was SUPER sad when they had to go. If I could do it all over again, I would have stuck to one of those two dragons to take them further. Save your rubies(AKA don’t spend 5k to open 10 gold chests etc) and gold chests as best as you can and try to go for one dragon line through this season :slight_smile:
This week they will be coming out with a hunter and on Halloween they will come out with the festive. Ultimately it’s on you, but I wanted to tell you where I fell short when I first started and how it affected me and my dragon’s longevity in my roster. Good luck and welcome to the game!

It’s really hard to finish the current rider branch at low levels. The tier-based discounting has not extended to green and there is a long slog through green.

I think having the rider unlocked is enough at this point so I agree with this who say don’t invest further in the rider, it won’t benefit you much just yet but in a month or 2 itll be nice to have.

Personally, my biggest mistake was investing everything into 1 dragon my first season, but this is partially due to it being a bad dragon haha. I got to garnet or so, and it was shitty dragon that I never used but wasn’t maxed for like 6 months or longer… however now the increased cost in the middle of the Branch makes it harder to get to those sapphire/garnet stones.

I would say try to at least get 1 dragon to platinum, at which point I would probably hold sigils till the end and calculate how far you could get in a new dragon verse continuing the same dragon.

  • if you can’t even get a second dragon to gold and you only a couple tiers away, it might not be worth it.
  • if you can get a second dragon at least 3+ tiers ahead of where you’re at, it will probably serve you well.
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That would be good. By category.