Best review for WD

Seen this and gave me a laugh, had to share :joy:


image image


Busted! We’ll have our 9th anniversary in 2 months.


By the look of it, that may not happen :wink:

I’m not worried since I’ve been known to be a gamer and a dragon addict since 1996…

Love conquers all (but my base. You need a dragon for that) :blush:


You wonder why they have been in a “9 year relationship” if the girlfriend hates him so much.

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would a wife refer to her husband as boyfriend? And does the review suggest such strong negative feelings?

(I don’t think so)

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Not negative, I thought it had good humour with a hint of a warning :joy::joy:

if “hate” is not negative, I am an elephant in tuxedo…

:joy: I was talking about your wife rating

I am (we are) not married :blush:

I see it now. I corrected it.

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Greatest review ever! :joy:

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