Best rider for Axi

The other riders are in use for mythical is Sophia a good option?

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I find Axi pretty good use for alot of people’s bases using element towers as he breeze of by

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What level are you and have you attacked defended bases or bases with an orrery?

Yes I go after shield towers first mostly no problem :rainbow: shot those

and what level are you and have you attacked defended bases?

I answered that question, yes my lvl is irrelevant

No you’re level is very relevant as ppl below level 250, most dragons are good including resurrected dragons. For example, i am level 150ish and Tzumat can attack my base defended and it can beat me. But against a base level 500ish, Tzumat is useless.

So, i would not bother getting Axi in the first place. And if you do have axi, don’t bother putting tunes or a rider on it, they have a better place. A really good dragon is Ikkumma. Rune it and put a rider on Ikky. But that is just what i would do.


Well that’s you opinion Axi is the best festive ever released by pg I say he is viable for me I’m close to lvl 500 I tell people it’s not the numbers you go by it’s the person who flies the dragon

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Try my base then


Lol no.

I don’t know how you beat bases that are well defended, ice flak ss will kill you, if you manage to freeze it before it hits you then ok. The orrery will hit you then. Unless the orrery is right next to the ice flak and you can freeze them both. If so then ok, but the second orrery will get you bc freeze has long cooldown. If you only verse bases that have 1 orrery and its right next to the ice flak then you might beat it. But not defended. Axi has no way to deal more damage and hammer repairs will ruin your run, no way to one shot towers, no cloak or dodge, and no way to quickly gain rage. Axi is an old dragon from a different meta. It was good. Axi can’t handle orrerys or howis. You should be getting mythics, put your best rider and runes on that dragon. Not Axi.


It’s a fun dragon is all I’m gonna say yes it’s not a mythic but like with talirok I have my reasons I use him like I will say the same for Axi krelos is King for atlas so is talirok for this event as well as axi

I like Axi…. She is cute. Any hunter rider will do, best to max attack as much as possible if I remember correctly., been years since I used it.

But at the end of the day Axi is Mediocre at best these days… don’t waste too much on it,

@BLOODWISER if you’re set on having a rider on him, I’d suggest something that gives hp, attack, and rage. His recovery spell is decent and he doesn’t have an ammo regen spell, so extra ammo won’t be as useful. Magnus from last season would be decent for him.


Axi is trash he has no damage boost and as a hunter that makes him garbage also no cloak

Who said I’m using for regular game use he only serves one purpose this event going on currently Axi is a beast before these new towers he broke the game for awhile seeing ice flaks we’re his only weakness

I like her….

Even among the 500+ I have seen quite the fair share of garbage bases and poor layouts. Lol This isn’t an issue regarding just Axi however.

You do know that there are people who play this game who are not in it for the meta right? :scream::scream::scream:

If a player wants to have fun with a dragon they like and enjoy, I’d say let them.


Sure but then why worry about what the best rider is? Just throw whoever you have lying around on, it’s not going to make any real difference.


Meta or not, wouldn’t you* still want your* favorite dragon at its best in use? Yes some dragons won’t make a difference in the rider, but knowing you* did what you* could is satisfying.

*Speaking with a general you