Best rider for calavore

I am in doubts since i’ve no mythic ammo, only legendary.
Anja with her 10% rage plus 1 ammo or xandra with her 24% rage?

Xandra 100%


X Andra without a doubt! Calavore is rage heavy

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I recommend Xandra, but I would still say to try out both

in my opinion there are two ways … or xandra so as to privilege her runes and attack glyphs, since she already has + 24% rage or anja (which gives +1 ammo) plus mythical rune ammo (+2 ammo) and mythical rune rage and attack glyphs, this is because a cavalore flaw is its standard attack, so this helps the dragon in this sense

So if I have two runes adding 1 ammo that’s 3shots right

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If I’m adding Mrs X to him

I have Xandra equipped on LockJaw right now and I don’t really want to use the rubies to change gear around, and then diamonds to re-do the rider stats, how bad would he suffer if I use Anja instead? I don’t have him just yet, but trying to also get some advice ahead of time.

can’t say which is better will depend a lot on practice and flying style. my set up is like this

so far it’s been working out quite well i’ve also flown it with a third attack glyph and i preferred the extra rage and ammo


Not the best but this one work well for me
I swap to anja
This one need way more rage cause he has extremely high burst damage so additional ammo and rage is better


What’s the opinion on muertok?

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I saw bones :eyes:

Jokes aside, no rage, not for Cal.

I dont have xandra, can i use either ano or reggie?

:thinking: Reggie then, until you can claim Xandra through Atlas.

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I’m just two keys away from joining the cavalor club

is this ur first mythic?

First free mythic

When you hear this song you already know what time it is

Sophia might actually be a second best rider for Calavore since she has ammo

3rd* anja is second for being slightly better