Best Rider for Gig

Hi …

Currently my best dragon is Gig followed by Sho’groth. Since both are the same element been saving a lot of gear elite/legendary for both.
I would like some input on the best attack rider for Gig and also for Sho… Currently I have:

Reginald - maxed
Rosheen - maxed
Warrior - maxed
Anja - just got her

Thanks for any help!

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This page will help a lot to compare -

So, Anja (of course, when leveled).
Looks strange a bit, because from her characters, at first, when she was announced, it looks like she was best for hunters and sorcs… and I see just one+10% hp for warriors on forum announcement.

UPD: compared with game - Morreion site is correct, and official announce is missing warrior HP.

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Anja best, followed by Sophia.

Anja is no doubt the best one

As long you skill the rage of sorcerer lol :nerd_face:

The answer is simple: Crom

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IIRC, Crom is a defensive rider, which would be an absolutely pointless rider to put on a dragon you were planning to fly offensively instead of sticking on a perch.


I’m pretty sure he’s being sarcastic


This is because some people think the warriors are good only for perches. Which, well, yes, they eventually end there… but…

I have a harder time telling if it’s sarcasm unless it is blatantly obvious. It’s harder to tell sarcasm online since there is no sarcasm font and it is harder to know what tone something is being said in (since the forums lack the verbal cues that you would have in spoken conversations).


Honestly didn’t expect, that my comment could be misunderstood. While Gig is a good warrior, he suffers from the common dps issue against defended endgame bases. That’s the reason, most players perch mythic warriors sooner rather than later.

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