Best rider for my layout

This is most likely going to be my base until I can manage 2 orrerys but my only question is which rider? I was going to kasima for earth flaks because I can maintain those but besides that I’m not sure what do

Antonius can work.

Kasima can work

Crom can work

Tanok can work, if you can get him upto 60.

Since you’re going to swap out your EFs with COs later, I’d say go for Crom or Tanok.

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How soon will you get two orreys? I built my first 2 and maxed them out for my level last fort. That was probably the best choice I’ve made for my base.

I would think Crom or Tanok would be better if you’re replacing the earth flaks soon. Kasima is better for however long you keep the earth flaks. Kasima is probably better if you have enough time to get Crom or Tanok by the time you get the orreys.


Please disregard the red text. I’m sharing my opinion as a player.


Login with your player account and type it again… so that we all can figure out who you are in game.



I’ve hardly posted at all with my real account. I need to keep it on the down low, I was told.


We will all keep things quiet for you.




You’ll be happy when you make the transition to a dual orrey setup, trust me. I wish I hadn’t waited so long. I skipped the spell rider branch this season specifically to get enough resources for maxing out 2 orreys along with the howitzer.


The thing is, not all red names on the forums get to make decisions as some of them were hired to make decisions while others, including Matt, were hired for different jobs other than decision making.

For that, you’ll have to bark up at a different tree instead of this Mattree.

Add 1: He already gave his opinion regarding underperforming monarch evolving dragons.

It is just that… it isn’t his job, so he can’t touch it unless he is told that it is okay to do so.


I’ve just completed corallae’s branch so I just started the electrum branch
Yes I’ve been slackin

Curse school

Save your chests from now to open in the first pvp next season.
you’ll get a good chunk of the discounts done the more you save them

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The design team creates new dragons and adjusts their numbers for balance based on testing. I don’t know how their process works, and I can’t tell the designers what to do. I just started breeding my first verdant dragon, so I’m nowhere near monarch yet. I don’t know what their plan is for adjusting the monarch dragons now. I’m trying to avoid posting on topics I know nothing about and can’t change.

I worked 80 hours last week trying to handle multiple crisises that came up all in the same week. I can fix or at least help fix bugs when they come up. I can’t do everything.


Well said :sunglasses::point_up:

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Thanks for the reaction Matt.

Please don’t let the forums get to you. The player base is frustrated and they jump on any pg employee that actually responds because we have been ignored for so long. You have been awesome in what you can respond to and it’s been really nice to hear some of your explanations on things.



He’s literally doing more work than he was hired for.

So just assign him for that job he’s been already partially doing, so that he’s okay to do what gal did, and pay him more correspondingly… And now everyone can bother him with… everything. :rofl:

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I agree with that!!!

I will most likely go with crom but unless I manage enough glory for tanok and can refund the blue shards I claimed this season, I’ll most likely stick with crom but I’m not sure how the next 10 levels work for tanok. do I need glory for the last levels?

The new Tanok doesn’t require glory to upgrade at all, u just need his shards. The yellow champion rider shards are required for the last 10 levels.

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