Best Runes for Equestor and Chimerak

Hey! What are the best runes to equip on Equestor and Chimerak?


I do not know which runes are the best, but I can tell you which I equipped the two dragons.
For Equestor:
Legendary rune of storms lvl II
Epic rune of storms XP
Rare rage ghyph XP
Common rage ghyph

For Chimerak
Rare rage XP
Rare wisdom XP

If I were u, I wouldn’t rune them with anything more than rare because those dragons suck/or will become obsolete really fast. It does depend on your level and what stone for Equestor and Chimerak you have. Also, remember that runes only work for the spell with the exact Name. Rage, attack power (Neptus branch) and wisdom (xp) and health runes are the only universal runes that I know of…

Hey Cloak! Im level 78. I have Obsidian stone for equestor and platinum stone for Chimerak.

Yeah I have the same equipped on them atm. Thanks centurion!

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Don’t compare everything to hunters. And equestor does pretty decent…

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For chimerak - save your runes and glyphs.

I went a step further and saved sigils

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Well played. I wish I had done the same :frowning_face:

Lol why not? There are only 2 good sorcerers (Fae and Spindra) and 1 good warrior (destar) in my opinion…Equestor cannot shield himself and that is his prime weakness. There are a few different runes for equestor but the main one is rage…just don’t think equestor is worthy of a rage rune.

For my low level, Equestor is pretty good (could say a little beast) :laughing: with full rage I can use 3 thunderstorm on a long island sometime the 4-th, if he’s slowed by the remaining towers. Also with these runes rage regeneration is ok. But of course these thinks may not apply to high level.

And Tengu.

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What am I doing wrong with Spindra? For me it’s a sort of decent second run dragon provided that the lead cleaned up all blue towers, cannons, ice flaks and storm towers, and the farms aren’t too big or too close together. Equestor seems significantly more useful at low levels, as a lead cleaner on longer bases.

you don’t know the meaning of getting bored. I fly as many good dragons as possible. Your point i understand is that Good means only the “best of crop” . That’s reserved for specific purposes and extremely high bases you want to hit. Otherwise, there are many decent dragons.

Spindra is good cleanup dragon, and it can run through most bases with just blue cleaned up as well. enfeeble kills even with storm. You need to time your sacrifice right and always precast the enfeeble.
Learn of spots with double and triple enfeeble are possible.
You can also time northern lights in previous island so that many towers in next island are precast with heal marks.
Though I am not extraordinary with it, its still great imo.

If u didn’t unlock sacrifice yet…she might be hard to use

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Opinions…in your case it’s different but I can’t do anything with Equestor.

Equestor only fails on 1% of extremely good bases that too only defended. Otherwise equestor succeeds on quite a bit of higher bases. My experience

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If my base is high for an emerald equestor (I’m level 153) then yes. :joy:

(defended. Talking about undefended is irrelevant as most can hit 100+ higher if undefended)

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