Best runes glyphs and rider for Nockmar?

This is the runes I have on him I know he is greedy rager how is yours runes

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Who you think the best rider for him is

IDK I’m trying to figure that out now. I did Venus for HP,then Xandra for rage and finally Fera ,who’s in the middle but the heal spell is very convenient. So I in turn put runes evenly. I can kill any Base in the game right now , we will find out how he does with hammer spammers


Maxed Rage and Warrior Research , Elite gear with 2 exotic gear

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This is my current setup, need to hunt some extra dust for the last rune and glyph upgrades.
I took a rune and glyph from some older dragons and gave them to Nockmar.

I do have Fera, but uhm… still at 0 xp :sweat_smile:, I might keep Xandra on Nockmar.
I upped this season some base runes and glyphs, i should have max runes and glyphs on Nockmar early next season.

Edit, lost my dragon on the screenshot. :see_no_evil:

Right now not sure if I exchange the legendary glyph to a mythic attack glyph.
But I‘m happy with Xandra and exotic/mythic gear (which isn’t fully leveled by now😂).

Only got the exotic for the healing boost otherwise would use another mythic rage rune


Fera doesn’t need xp

That’s a lot of rage. You obviously think he needs that much but I haven’t had to use that much

He definitely needs the rage for long islands.

Oh, was needed the last shards :see_no_evil:, but I don’t know yet and definitely not yet taken a bigger look at it what is best, Fera or Xandra.

Fly him and see which you feel would be more useful. I had Fera on him but decided to switch to Xandra because I wanted the higher rage and almost never found myself taking Fera’s spell. I usually either want lighting resist or cloak for him and he often cant afford the rage cost of her spell

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I did found out that rage for Nockmar is pretty important, especially to get something back after a drain.
For now I keep Xandra bonded to him.

Your explanation was very accurate and I agree totally now that I out Xandra on :+1:

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