Best runes/glyphs for storm

What would be the best runes and glyphs for storm?

Nothing - don’t waste slots.

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So you think he’s not a keeper

Oh, you meant a dragon? I thought you were talking about storm towers earlier… maybe @Grumpybigbird thought so too.

Lol, yes I mean storm the drafting, no the towers

Stormheim? In emerald?

That’s what I’m thinking…

Yes, storm , impn emerald

Only runes that would work on him would be rage & wisdom. I don’t think they make runes that work with his spells.

Edit: at least none that I’ve personally run across.

Rage, health (Leos branch), Wisdom for fast leveling
Honestly non of the emerald mythics are great. Just keep breeding till noc

Wow, I thought that they were more for him, thanks for the help

Oh,ok, thanks

There might be a rune for tectonic tomb, but I’ve never seen one myself, so I don’t want to say that there is one. Rage & wisdom are universal runes though :blush:

Ice Resist runes would work too

Oh yeah! There are those :laughing:

Ok, thanks guys for the help

Yes I thought he meant storm towers.

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