Best seasonal Mythic Dragon?

I’m curious, what is everyone experience with new Mythic dragon and which you think is strongest?

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In their current states
Sothe > Perwog > a dead fish > Cuadart

The warrior just seems pretty useless, his shield still isn’t fixed and his spell set just seems poor for a warrior.
Sothe Im still practicing with since I haven’t flown an invoker since Naja but he’s pretty OP. I just wish Android users got the same visual effects that IOS users get


Are all of sothe’s spells fixed and working properly now? Just trying to see if your thinking this way post fix or pre fix.

Dead fish :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:


There basically is no fix for Sothe, they’re apparently not going to change the size of the 1 shot. Or at least that is how they’ve made it sound from the very little, very unclear communication we’ve gotten so far. Which basically means wait for Sothe to get nerfed next season as per the usual tactics now.
The shield I dont think is fixed but honestly it’s hard to tell because it doesn’t last long enough to really notice and he has a dodge anyway

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
At least you still get to be better than a mythic warrior :see_no_evil:

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:rofl:thank u.
What mythical are u got ?:joy:

I got the invoker even though Im not a fan of them. He seems far more viable than the warrior does and who knows if they’ll even fix it or if it’ll end up as another Narlyth. I was really on the fence, mostly because PG has refused to give us any clear information on what is supposed to be happening and seems to have since changed their minds about the “fixes”
Im 100% sure Sothe will get nerfed but hopefully it’ll at least last long enough for something else to come out.

Their “fixes” didnt fix anything, literally nothing changed and neither shield stops orrerys.


Did duck just kill you? :rofl:


dead FISH!??

What is this visual effects you speak :thinking::thinking::thinking:??? Android vs iOS

:crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:hope NO!

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Android doesn’t get much of a visual effect for the dodge so it’s hard to tell if it’s still in effect. IOS however gets a much easier to see visual effect. I dont really get why this particular dodge spell is different than others. On android I can see visual effects for other dodges like Amaruhk’s


i can’t say anything about any of them other than Cuadart
But it is by far the worsted mythic i’ve ever seen.
its immediately going on the perch.

So do they all still suck? Is PG actively trying to kill this game? Or will boredom kill it first. We are already at Festive with no clear idea what these dragons are like. Nothing done for Halloween :woman_shrugging: I remember when this game was a lot more fun.

I can’t believe that someone thought that making a warrior like a hunter was a good idea.

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We’ve had a tank-like hunter, Ronin, before, so… I guess why not. :joy:

Let’s just hope it won’t happen too often in the future.

100% agree.

I for one only have perwog. Got anja for him and some great gear. Weak to medium bases are easy. Higher bases are ok but if defended it’s tricky. I like him and think if you like hunters he is your best bet!

You could wait till last day of the season and see if they all work by then or just get chests.

They all look a bit average

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