Best third flak option?


Hey all. In anticipation of this week’s likely fort event, I am considering adding a 3rd flak to my base. I currently have a long island “kill” including dark flak, fire flak, storm, red, and blue all at L60 and likely won’t see harbinger eggs anytime soon to level up further. From what I’ve read, ice flak may be a good complement, particularly since Pathox seems to like my base so much. However, if I get ice flak, how to best configure? I’m reluctant to remove blue mage and if I replace storm, then I basically have a L60 storm that has no real home on my base. I could move a flak back, but really like the DF/FF combo. Alternatively, Ii could place the longer range IF behind the 5 current towers, but lose many of its benefits. Or not get an IF at all, and put an electroflak on 2nd group of 5 in long island? I can’t afford 2 additional flaks. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.


:thinking: Long…

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Ice flak perhaps


Ice is reasonable, but what to replace?


For 3 flak kill island, I’d prefer to include the rear island.
Otherwise, Earth Flak to replace storm.

(Low level PoV…)


If this combo is good enough for you I would say replace your storm for an Earth Flak. You can put your Storm with your drain island maybe? Or with your farms?


Earth flak on a short will fire so late the front 3 towers are dead before the shield lands. That’s for towers of equivalent tiers. So for that reason I don’t like earth flak.


Isn’t earth flak safer against summon?


You said your kill island is along islands 5-4? (The long middle island.) I’ve seen several base configurations where the ice flak was placed at the front of island 4.

I believe @mechengg has his ice flak positioned at the front of island 4, and I believe it works well for him.

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I think that an Ice Flak is pretty much necessary these days, and even if the Meta changes (micro vs long middle) then I do think an Ice Flak can be used in quite a few circumstances. That is why i’ve built mine, so that even if I haven’t put mine in the most ideal spot, i can always play around with a dark, fire and ice in different locations.

I personally don’t think that 2 storms are necessary for most bases, so that is why I wouldn’t suggest trying to replace a nearly maxed storm with an earth flak. (of course if you are near end game and can afford a maxed 4-6 base of 15 maxed towers then earth flak is going to help for sure)

Long story short, electroflak is my least favorite flak. Followed by Earth flak.

The other 3 all have their applications so it’s nice to have all 3 maxed to choose from when arranging your base and trying new things :slight_smile:


Better question will be setting up following 6 towers on mid island?

Flaks - DF, IF and FF
Mage - Red and Blue
And storm tower

I believe depends upon your base level and what dragons you frequently face. As level 386 players with level 72 flak towers, I follow below approach.

Mid island start -
RM - Storm

Mid island rear -
FF - Another long range attack tower
Storm - RM


Probably Ice Flak.


Most competent Pathox fliers aren’t concerned with that. If you want to beat Pathox you need to tank the entire spectral duration. IF doesn’t really help there. It does help against Jorm though!

That being said, Ice Flak is still good. Wouldn’t be a bad choice.


Definitely Ice! It’s the best 2nd option but so many are to far into Fire that if your in a position to gain a 3rd then it should definitely be ice.

Flaks just keep getting more expensive as they go so if you have Have tons of embers I wouldn’t even consider an earth flak because a Storm tower is more then capable.
Electric is nice because it’s almost as strong as a Dark but really Dark/Ice or Dark/Fire especially Dark/Fire/Ice is plenty enough power it’s all about putting the pieces around these towers to make them the most effective.
And an Ice Flak goes perfectly with Dark :+1:

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il still debating about whats better , x3 Flaks Combo ( Ice, Dark, Fire ) Or x2 Flaks and 1 Storm but sometimes the Storm setup havent enough fire power…i really undecided
Edit. I have x3 flaks


If you are building on a Long Island you will probably have the most success adding an ice flak to a tower just behind the front 5

Electro flak is almost completely useless. Basically earth flak is awesome, and ice flak is too.

Ice flak is essentially required once you get to a certain size, but if pathox is your number 1 threat it may not help you much now. (Where as an earth flak would but it wouldn’t be a good choice unless you plan to make a 4th flak soon)

It’s really very situational. But generally speaking ice flak is becoming more and more necessary.

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Good to know! Thanks


Hey all - thanks to all for the advice. I like the idea of building an ice flak to L60 this event and toying around with placement. Agree that it might be interesting to try in place of fire flak or just behind front 5. Should be fun! Thanks again!


While I definitely agree it’s worth experimenting. Just know that removing the fire flak is a terrible idea. It’s possibly more important than the dark flak at times.

50% attack reduction on ALL towers for a duration.

Basically is the same as 200% hp bonus for a period of time. (With something like the second highest damage)

Nothing else comes nearly as effective except the dark flaks stun + damage. Ice flak utility is pretty useless without dark or fire.


I think he meant fire flak on kill island :eyes: but I could be wrong. That’s just how I read it. Having the fire flak positioned at front of island 4 is another option instead of having the ice flak in that same spot…