Best time to open sigil chest and maximize the reward drops?

Does anyone have an opinion on this question? i would really appreciate it. Also, does anyone know if the sigil chest goes thru the end of the season like they did in winter or if its just during the fortification event?

plz answer on topic for this lol. i had to make a new thread for this question cuz the other one got filled up with junk.

The probability of drops in the super sigil chests are fixed so it doesn’t matter when you open them. There is a timer saying 13d7h so it looks like they are here til end of season.

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I don’t see why super sigil chest would have different % drops during different events. So id take a guess and say it doesn’t matter when you open them.

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kk thanks @Napk1n and @JJ6758

It’s got a timer… til end of season


thnx @Shadelos

:+1: good luck!

I’d wait til last day of season, unless you needed one of the rss in the tree (i.e. eggs for breeding, or elemental embers for builder)


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