Best use of rubies, Draconic Chests vs. Gold Chests

I’m trying to plan out my first two weeks of next season. I’m wondering if its better to use rubies to buy sigils and in turn buy 4 draconic chests at the end of Hueso’s line, or if its better to just use those rubies on Gold chests at the beginning of the season. Or are there pro’s and con’s for each method? Either way, I wouldn’t be opening until the discount weeks.

I’m sure I could do the math but figured someone else probably has already, so if anyone can share that information it would be greatly appreciated.

Depends if the draconic chest is available the first two weeks next season.

This is what Gal said before, so I’m asking with the assumption that they will be around.

Good point though, let’s hope no “unforeseen change” comes up, although 2020 has been pretty crazy.


That depends on how many you are abke to get. If you’re in a position to get 400+ then drac chests. Less than 300 then gold chests. 300 to 400 then flip a coin.

It also depends where you are in gane and what you need. For instance, you get less eggs and more mystic fragments with dracs. However, mystic fragments are worth less the lower down the tiers you are due to catch up discounts.


I made a vid about that with chart comparisons - it’s long but worth checking out

(Can probably skip past the plat part)


The first weeks sigils are needed to get prizes. You could use 36000 sigils to finish two 50% discount branches. 100 gold chest give 2400 sigils. I can make 10000 sigils during events in two weeks. Because I can claim prizes too. So I need 26000 sigils. If I buy draconic chests instead of gold I could get more items but less sigils. So the difference will be more branch progress against a bit more stuff to get sigils. It’s not hard to say which one is better. For egg tokens and timers draconic chests will be better. But overall gold chests are better for your rubies.


Actually, @Shivenzo made a video answering this very question. I won’t spoiler anything and just leave the link to his video and let you decide.


I was thinking about spending the rest of my sigils on Hueso’s line and then spending 100k rubies on chests but given that I dont need to it would have been rather pointless other than for the timers

. Now if they put embers in the Drac chests things would be different


Thanks everyone for the feedback and video explanations! The advice is very helpful!


For the sake of having a fair comparison, why not keep them both at 210 chests? The one with more will always be closer to average.

210 for Platinum to 510 Draconic, is a very noticeable difference.

I’m confused? I wasn’t comparing 210 plats to anything. Those were mass opening footages that I put in a vid in case anyone wanted to correlate drops for that event. I later compared draconics to other things, of equal value.

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Oh, I thought one of your points was to show how much each chest was like a gamble, which was why I asked why both mass openings weren’t the same to show just how much of a gamble they were.

That was one of the points I talked about - that small sample sizes make for massive differences off of the average. But I wasn’t directly comparing platinum vs draconic content

Just the notion of the sample sizes for each having a vast difference when you compare them to the presumed average.

:+1: understood! It would have been nice though to know if both the same amounts of chests were opened, which would have been closer to the average over the other.

That’s just something that I was curious about in watching your video analysis.

It depends on whether or not you’re getting the hueso shards - because either draconics and plats are the same length, so it would be the same number until hueso shards are removed from drops, in which case it would be less chests to achieve the average with draconics vs plats


Draconic chest sequence is longer, so would require more chests opened vs plats to reach the average, till hueso shards are removed from the drops

Unless someone would like to be the guinea pig and open ~500 of each, we can only speculate :smiley:


:+1: Gotcha! I understand now :slightly_smiling_face:

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Now I’m thinking stacking Draconic chests will be beneficial next season too make up for gold chest loss from season too season just got too get over 200 of them and then that amount should be a decent amount of resources PvP and fort wise if you could spend a whole branch of sigils on these things that would equal about around 300.

Sigils are very much a “waste” since their reduced, this might actually help players get a high point mark in all PvPs if they have enough rubies for Super sigil chests. The gamble part is what I normally avoid about Platinum, since it’s in Draconics too they both seem very good for helping players progress. So this chest might be a better substitute for Platinum chests since they have PvP resources.

How about this:

If you have any leftover sigils (e.g. you just got a mythic and have extra sigils, or you finished a branch you wanted to finish and you have more sigils to spend) or sigils you don’t plan on spending for whatever reason (e.g. you aren’t going for a mythic and you have nothing to spend sigils on), I would say to spend sigils on the Draconic Chests at the end of Hueso’s branch. However many Draconic Chests you get, you can open them at the beginning of next season for an extra boost on resources, and hopefully some extra sigils. You can spend rubies on gold chests as well to double on resources and sigils.

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I won’t be spending anymore sigils on hueso line, too many sigils needed to finish him so all my additional sigils will go towards obtaining gold chests either from mythic line where I can keep claiming them.

But I’m still sticking with gold chests, call me old fashioned but I like the odds and better predictability of them over the others.

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It’s only 18K :rofl::rofl: — I can get that in 3-4 events, 2 if I open chests ofc.

This is a reasonable argument.

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