Best way to earn glory points as low level?


I am quite new to the game, only level 44, and trying to follow the right path. I just get lucky and got into a team with atlas, where I am ok to farm mines and beasts for gold and shards. But how do I supposed to get glory points without bothering my team every time? There’s virtually no one within 50 levels of me to attack. If I just suicide to a lvl 250 do I get glory? Or is there a way to do it without either have to get a backer or involving some glory trade?


While someone more experienced might have better advice, I see a lot of players in No Man’s Land in the level 50-ish range, usually with a lot of troops on their primarch.

I’d suggest keeping an eye out for them, and hunting them down when you can. And of course, there’s always the backer option for taking down tougher targets.


I struggle with this as well. I’m a level 190 but that’s still way too small to really do super well in Atlas.

First things first, no you will not get any gory if you try and take on a level 250 and bomb the base. If you have a backer that goes with you and finishes the base then yes you will get glory, going in by yourself though and failing will get you no glory.

In simple terms glory is influenced by the number of troops you loose AND the number of troops you kill. That’s why you want to look for players who have a decent amount of troops on them. Don’t go attacking someone who has 500 troops on their primarch it’s not going to be with it.

You can always try going to Aligane (sorry I don’t remember how to spell it) and try to look for some lower level players, I occasionally do see some there, or what I’ve done is just search around various NML areas. It’s very time consuming and honestly not very fun but you can find opponents that way.


It is a fact of atlas that you never see players your level but only the levels of your offline teammates. If you’re level 200, all you see is level 40 and level 400. That is to say, the level 40s are out there. And the 100s.

Keep an eye on aligane, ask your mates to keep an eye open for players your level, join a glory swap chat for lower leveled players. Go out in nml and see if you can lure them to hit you. Or just focus on building troops for a bit and growing and don’t be ashamed of asking teammates for help.

You can also stick your primarch out and wait for people to come to you. It’s risky, but can help get you started and lure out the other low level folks.


I’d recommend finding some friends on other teams around your level and swap glory. It’s the easiest way for lower levels (and most higher levels) to obtain glory an an efficient manner without stepping on toes


Aligiane will be your best friend. Check here as much as you can throughout the day. I constantly see people around your level all the time. You just have to be patient, load up only 6-7k troops at a time and attack then withdrawal. Rinse and repeat


Thanks everyone. Will go find the said place.

Feels so useless when I first get atlas access :rofl::rofl:


Anyone give a hint where is this aligane?

Edit, I found it, it’s bookmarked by my team


If you’re attacking, use no more than 3.7k troops at a time.


That’s not to small. Put the effort into the right primarchs with buffs & build an army of troops!
There are plenty of level 300+ players wirh shitty primes & 100k troops.
Sure level helps but it won’t stop you from doing well and being helpful to your team


Just returned to this topic to provide a longer elaboration.

You’ve pointed out that you can’t get glory, barring:

  1. Bothering your teammates into backing you (not gloryhunting on your own schedule can be annoying, I get you.)
  2. Divebombing 250s (Bad glory all around, don’t do this.)
  3. Glory swaps (Not how Atlas was meant to be played, but do we care? Yes, if you hate compromises. No, if you just want glory.)

You’re right, on all counts. There’s not a lot of fixes for your situation except to grow bigger, which sucks as a solution, but your situation sucks too- Atlas simply wasn’t built for people your size. Gold storage doesn’t start growing until level 100+, which can make levelling primarches to high levels pretty painful. (First-hand experience here :rofl:)

If I were you, I’d make a choice to determine how I’d like to move forward. Would you prefer getting 1 or two pieces of elite gear assisted by your team/gloryswaps/divebombing, or would you rather prepare yourself for a future season when you’re better equipped to handle Atlas?

If you’d choose the former, I’m sure many have thoughts far better than mine, because I’m not familiar with those. But if you’d rather go with the latter:

  1. Build your troops and do your best in atlas events
  2. Craft some legendary offensive gear for a dragon that will last you into sapphire/garnet at least, and if you don’t have such a dragon yet, craft some legendary fire gear for your base. Ice as an element is fine too- but element is a discussion for another thread.
  3. Get your fighter to level 5 and research a sieger and trapper, and then a destroyer.
    (Why? Siegers are very forgiving on offense and give good stats at low levels. Trappers will probably appease your team, even though any troops you put on that will die a miserable death. If your team doesn’t need appeasing, research it and never use it. Destroyers mostly only get good at high levels, but once you get them there, they’re excellent all-purpose primes.)
  4. Familiarize yourself with Atlas metas and tactics.

And then once you hit gold, you’ll find your divine power has skyrocketed. Sally forth and SLAY >:)

Alternatively, if your team lets you hit castles, you may come across some with ridiculously low level taunters and primes. Sometimes, they appear in Aligane too! You’re not alone in the world here. Don’t hold back, regardless of any perceived stat difference- so long as you can five flame them, it’s a good ratio. Just don’t get hit for anything more than three flames. :wink:

I was thrust into Atlas newly into gold, and got 1.5 lines that season. More forgiving hat regen rates and better revives for 5-flames, as well as better preparation- I started with a fighter- should see you doing much better. Am hopefully much less of a noob than I was then, and I’d just like to say that you don’t even need to be entering the 200s to do well glorywise :stuck_out_tongue:


Wish I could find some of those. The bases I see in Atlas seem a lot harder than the ones I see just in the normal attack menu.


3.7k troops in my experience takes way too long. You have to keep resummoning the prim and that takes time. If you load 6-7k and some die just run back to the neutral castle to the left and stock back up.


Unless you get hit by someone larger (more than likely) and you kill 3.5k of your troops in a successful attack, and have the remaining 3.5k killed while you fly? I’d rather spend some diamonds for better revives.


Out of the 1000’s of runs I’ve done that probably happened about 1% of the time.


What level are you, then? I wish I could be that lucky :confused:


Level 155 as of this fort.


Oh, once you hit 180+, the 300+ people will find that hitting you actually isn’t bad glory at all, so long as they five flame. Good luck D:

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Great post, really appreciated.

My solution is, get to lvl 49 ASAP. So my divines (Haku and Sakura) hit lvl 2, so I can have a chance on lvl 50ish bases, where everyone seems rocking a lvl 21 dark flak. And watch aligane like a hawk…

This is very painful but I did get my rider to lvl 8 3 days into atlas. And my primach has enough so to get to lvl 5.

Also although I am leveling my defensive rider first. I am getting a second rider out and craft a whole set for Haku. So I can expand my hunting range as much as possible…

It sucks but it is whatever it is. Hope PG implement “some” matchmaking system for atlas.

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??? I’m not following