Best way to recruit

Besides the forum here, what are your strategies for recruiting legit, quality teammates?

General Recruitment:

Specific Recruitment

  • Sapphire & Below
  • High medals, possum base, good breeding

For specific recruitment, I would spend hours sending personal mails. I have not done specific recruitment for well over a year at this point. For general recruitment, I use graphics such as this:


My strategy is social networking. Be awesome, get to know people. Then they might want to fly with you one day.

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Or dont and join a established team to hard to

Whatever you do, don’t use the random recruit option where you can spend wood to recruit 3 people. Nothing good ever comes from it lol


There is some line chats, but honestly they are quite useless, even finding a good team there is hard, but is an option.

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Worked for me. :slightly_smiling_face:


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