Best way to rune Avernic (mythic)

I was told to focus on attack and rage how would you rune him or the best way to rune Avernic

Avernic’s settup is very simple, don’t.


Too late

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Well I have a mythic dragon of each class now I go back to getting hunters

Avernic is trash you made a mistake didn’t even hear him but after seeing how he handles a base without it it doesn’t impress me at all. I am unsure how to even rune him though.

If I did it’s a live and learn I just needed a mythic sorcerer

I like avernic but it’s slow so you can’t win in atlas. But nonetheless it is fun. Don’t regret it. I only wish I can utilize it more.

I just used what was given plus a random sorcerer rune that gave attack and hp . 1st cast of arcanist is 3 rage but afterward it’s free. So rage wasn’t a big deal. You just have to hit infernal absorption after initial cast to quickly get back some rage.

I only use hunters for atlas but ty for the tip

If your goal is solely to optimize damage, I actually would say you’re generally better off focusing on HP. The damage HP provides to Arcanist: Unchained is actually more than ATK gives to your auto-attacks. The difference is especially notable if you have the exotic runes, but even without them, it’s still true.

That being said, Arcanist: Unchained also makes Avernic fly slower, so there is an argument for building attack if you are trying to optimize clear speed.


Since I used to box to overcome a opponent’s speed is timing,speed kills but not in all cases as long as I’m destroying key towers I have no problems thanks for that tip on his spell


Congrats!!! I’m happy for you! Burn those that stand in your path!

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Appreciated :+1:

Strength is only a part of viability now.

Speed matters as slow dragons will almost always get successfully countersniped by faster dragons before they can finish attacks, even if their attacks were started first.

Or maybe I am the only one feeling this way. :man_shrugging:t2: I feel like this as I consider the original WD as the base game while Atlas as the main game.

Don’t waste any effort on this useless dragon. Just focus on next season to get better dragons :dragon:

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Like call of duty every one is always talking about certain things example (sticks and stones) game mode always talking about eliminations but in that game mode it don’t matter how many kills you get it’s your score at the end of the match like I placed 3rd with only one elimination while others had 20+ it’s not how you start ITS YOUR SCORE AT THE END OF THE GAME because I’m the one that has the tendency to zero who ever in first place so all those eliminations don’t mean squat when I hit you with my butter knife aka (tomahawk) ITS ABOUT PICKING A DRAGON I WANT AND THE BEST WAY TO GET THE MOST FUN OUT OF IT

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You know I been getting free mythics since cavalor season

So this is how he is rune so far

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Saving those slots for the exotic rune and glyph

Sweet deal, Looks good and hope you get some beast runes to slap on that dragon!

My only question if I don’t have the exotic glyph rune will the bottom glyph work for Avernic

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