Best ways of Contacting PG

What’s the quickest way to get PG’s attention since I’ve left 3 emails and yet no response “My Egg Token Boost” isn’t working! :man_facepalming: SMH

Has it been 24 hours since you’ve claimed it? No? It will activate within 24 hours.

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It’s been more this the 2nd time I claimed it the first time it glitched when I claimed it when unnoticed for about 2 weeks claimed it again and still nothing PG plays too much it’s ridiculous!!!

What do you mean by emails? Have you made a ticket?

contact PG via in-game ticket

If they asked to reinstall, then reinstall the game. If you already reinstalled before you contacted them, you will have to reinstall again.

Do not do any troubleshooting before contacting them as their steps in trying to solve issue can be documented or tracked down by what TS has been done.

when did you “reclaim” the prize? Has it been 24 hours since then?

Let’s take a look at your recent tickets!

969121 – Submitted Monday. Solved on Monday.
970240 – Submitted yesterday. Last reply from us at 2pm yesterday. Still being looked at by our team.
972012 – Submitted at 6:41pm today. Hasn’t been responded to since it’s been like an hour since the ticket was submitted and we’re not space wizards.

Looks like your tickets are being responded to well within normal SLAs for ticket-handling. Please be patient and your issue will get resolved.


You’re not space wizards? :disappointed: But it’d be so cool if you were.


Wait, then what kind of credentials do you need to work for PG if not “Space Wizard”? I’m truly confounded.


Space Wizard is just the credentials needed to be the PX Manager. :wink:


Oh, but then you ARE a space wizard. You haven’t fooled anyone PGJared.

Yes I have 3 of them

All of which are being worked on.

I think it’s a little much to have your tickets open and need to post about the tickets… so can we get a mod to close this? @ModMat

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