Best wintertide dragon after 4.0 update

I haven’t picked a dragon yet… and was wondering…What dragon is best this season…should the update affect my decision?

This has been asked earlier. Answer still remains avyx. Neptus if you got that mula.

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Lol don’t make a decision based on this update yet but generally previous recommendations will remain the same…perhaps the update makes equestor better than he previously was dunno about the warriors

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The update makes it matter less, because everything is ridiculously easy now. :see_no_evil:

I’d wait to see if the second rider is discounted or not. Purely talking about dragons, Avyx then Equestor then Leos then Gladicus. If you’re below 100-ish and won’t get too far, then Leos or Equestor (if you like extract essence) may serve you better.


If you can’t fly hunters or don’t want to learn, then Equestor or Leo’s are great choices. If u like hunters, I’d recommend avyx.

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Zappy rulez!!!

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