Beta -> Atlas History + Expansions

Edit 2: Nov. 2018 - no longer updating, though it’s been true earlier than that

Edit: Not updating this as much lately (bits missing), but if there’s something missing, just PM me :smiley:

Taking a stab (or claw?) at putting together a history for beta (as it applies to Atlas)/atlas for various reasons, particularly with the old forums going away and that Atlas hasn’t existed as-is for a year. These are just based on threads started by PGDave and PGEggToken.

Beta dates are approximate due to being based on pre-release notes and only highlight the more significant content releases/changes as they apply to Atlas (not that bug fixes aren’t important but would be too long). Definitely post with anything you think should be added :smiley:

Team/Land Expansions

Other Changes (doesn’t currently include patch notes)

Beta Stuff

  • Generally, there were also a huge number of changes for quality of life, making things easier, fixes/stability, etc.
  • v5.0 - March 15, 2017: Poachers (I always thought that they were naughty dragons, but the dragons are being stolen!), Infrastructure (no more Port), Galleons (now primarchs), Merchants (no longer exist)
    • In case there’s any, “omg, extra time to get familiar with the UI” - not the case 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • v5.2 - July 3, 2017: Primarchs were introduced. They no longer have heal times, and the Bestiary and Nest concepts don’t exist in Atlas. It also included various improvements to infrastructure, merchants, parameters, and more.
  • v6.0 - August 29, 2017: Riders, Bazaar, Refinery, Mini Events, No Man’s Land, Portals,

So… what you are saying is beta a year and a half ago and atlas today are not the same thing?

And I think talking to some of the token 1st teams would be a good sorce of history info. @Gox1201 might have some insight as well.

Either way you are missing August 2017 Atlas is graced with JJ and Ginga…

Some screens I found from beta.

Things that beta had:

Travel times were at first 1 hour between zones and went down to 30 mins for a long time. You could only use rubies to speed up travel.

For a long time gold had to be mined (a zone would have mines respawn), it would take 6-10 hours to mine gold.

Sailor (hats) regenerate rate was much slower.

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Forgot to add the biggest thing! Who remembers the 13 heal pots per poacher attack?



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