BETA base and tower setup


I’m sure we’ve all noticed but the tower positioning and dragon taps don’t work the same in beta. Which is fine, there are dragons and spells that simple do not work as they are supposed to. Morphus for example on the 2nd island (from den, in normal section where the first perch is) cannot use enfeeble. It does not hit the towers etc with enfeebled. Skills like earthquake, dec sand, umbrella etc also do not work properly on Long Island etc (not the double tap but the actual tower). It seems that the “hit box” and “hurt box” ratio is not optimized.

If that could be looked at and sorted out that would be great :+1::+1: thank you.



I’ve noticed this too. Thank you for posting about it, I’d love to see it fixed.


The whole set up is fucking stupid. The most annoying part is the stupid bridge right in front of the middle long island. It gets in the way of spells like vines and sand blocking them from hitting towers.


That bridge is rather annoying if left up, I often try to hit it from the side before my dragon turns the corner which often frees up those towers to be hit a lot easier - I’d recommend making it a conscious thing to destroy before your dragon reaches that Long Island just for ease


Good tip, though I’d prefer the bridge simply get removed entirely. The long island does not the assistance of the art department.

Also request that the beta map get conformed to the main game map in terms of tower positioning and spell usage. Anyone on the dev team who has ever double sanded towers should be able to see immediately that the spacing is materially different.


THIS would be great. I don’t think pg will bite. By he looks of things the game is moving more towards beta. The new graphics new toools etc… I agree though using the same base setup would be great… if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.


I think/hope the map isn’t finalized yet as I also have problems with it.

  • Many spells you shoot are just falling through the ground instead of hitting the ground and damaging the surrounding towers like Freeze, Fireball, Ice Shock etc.
  • Many towers are so far away from each other that they are impossible to double sand (as Spooky said) or to hit with the “new great mini AoE skills” on our costly divines such as Ice Shock or Enfeeble.
  • The back right tower on the middle long island is always hidden by the tower before it and very hard to hit.
  • The back right tower of the small island near the home castle often doesn’t get hit by AoE skills like Freeze.
  • Many of the monuments can’t be destroyed by sorcerer’s regular attacks such as the big tower and the building behind it during your first turn after the long island or the thin bridge after the long middle island.

IMO the tower spots and tower height position shouldnt not change, only the map and monuments should change.

Atlas base layout
Atlas sorcerer dragons

The map is not finalized yet. I’ve encountered the same issues, in particular with Kinnarus. @pgEcho is trying to work as many fixes as we can into each successive release – I think the map is getting better, but I think your list of points accurately reflects the current state … not good enough. On the plus side, that’s why the team is continuing to work on it!


Thank you for the reply, can we know if the beta map is moving towards base map or further away? A lot of us older players have the base setup in muscle memory… I just want to know if I need to “re train” my flying or just wait till it’s fixed.


I think it’s important to have tower positions exactly like the normal map. Like taking the coordinates of the normal tower positions and then building the map around them kind of exact. I really can’t stress that enough. There’s just so many little details that make a difference when a base is being attacked. I would totally set up my base differently for Atlas than normal if that were an option but I don’t think that’s something that should be wanted. You’re trying to link Atlas and the rest of the game yeah? Why should the same base be functionally different depending on what part of the game you’re attacking from?


The intent was for the map to play the same, not differently. Intentionally different maps could be cool (especially if you fight to unlock them) but that’s not the case for the current map. The current map still has these bugs, and we’re working on correcting them.


That’s what I thought but how close can you get without pulling directly from the old map? Are you going to be able to retroactively make everything the same even to experienced fliers? I’m just afraid that the people making the map will be fixing issues as complaints come in and that’s really not going to give the same result


You’re right that that’s kind of the approach right now – incrementally fix the problems to get closer and closer. There’s no way to just sync them in the way you suggest unfortunately. But if it’s any consolation I think the team has learned some valuable lessons for whatever map we next create.


Ok, that’s too bad. I suppose I should get working on documenting things then lol


If you tag PGEcho in any issues you find, he’ll help get them into our backlog and ultimately fixed.


Allow me to speed up the process.
Enfeeble doesn’t on any
of the towers unless it’s shot onto a single tower (similar spells included).
The positioning of home base is too far spread apart.
Positioning of the 2nd island (the one that normally has the perch) is spread sideways and the back 2 towers are also vertically raised.
Long Island is… just comepletely… the front 5 towers are placed too far laterally, the back 2 towers are elevated. The (further back of Long Island) has the front 2 raised and place to the extreme lateral sides. The middle towers hit box isn’t active like it’s supposed to be, it simply doesn’t register hits properly. The back 2 towers on the back of the Long Island are too far away from each other.

Similar issues are see on all of the other islands. The lateral placement is too far and the back 2 or front 2 towers are elevated (this really needs to be fixed skills don’t work on them at all event full area skills)

The island closest to the normal is the island right after the Long Island. (2nd perch island on normal base). Issue with this island is again the towers “hurt box” is not accurate to where the tower is and the base hurt box (which is normally larger) is also not inline with the original base setup.
I’m going to take a break and continue later.



I like that the Beta map is off from the regular. Using terrain to modify base layout :thinking:. But I agree with above, if that is done is should be intentionaly. Maybe in another server/ world.

It’s a definite advantage for defending in beta right now b/c of the base/ drag irregularities.

The preview map before attack is hilarious. 2 second camo-map flash. At least on the regular attack you can clock a few mage towes once more before launch… But with this it’s like a joking departure -“ha ha you can’t see shite in this castle / jungle / canyon- good luck”

Maybe that pre-Map gets sorted? Not urgent, obviously :v:t4:


Nice list. Also want to note that the long island sometimes has a wall in front of the towers that blocks spells and/or 1/2 hunter shots, all the while you’re getting hammered by the towers. Suggest just removing this entirely, art assets should not impact gameplay.


Spooky, that wall gets dropped if you hit the monument/wall before it. I kind like the art dept’s add on. Although you don’t see them augmenting drags…


IceShock is the easiest spell to feel the difference with.
It is incredibly difficult to use IceShock in the fancy castle based attack map.
It will show you all the spacing changes :grin: