Beta Event Prizes


@PGDave thanks for the all past events, prizes were also too easy to reach…

Maybe something went wrong with this new Gpoints system, let me give an example:

I want to lvl up my Destroyer from 1 to 2, I need 9.776 Gpoints, in the best scenario 20 k troops.
9.776 GP x 0.8 = 7820 event points… maybe if I hit all the poachers I can reach 11 k points.

11 k points… 2 event prizes…

Imagine being at a normal event like fortification and being able to claim 2 prizes… I think that I can reach that prize building a lvl 5 tower…


another ridiculous setting of prizes by PG. Not shocked but they continue to screw over the new players in Atlas with the prizing.


Well, not only that…
you need glory points to level riders…
Since you cannot attack anyone no glory points!

At the very least your rider should get glory points for attacking poachers in Atlas 10-20 per attack not massive amounts but something otherwise this “event” has ended before it even started!


You can still attack other players to earn glory in the no man land areas


Yeah I agree with OP. Don’t get me wrong, everyone was maxing out every previous beta event maybe a little too easy I get it. But whatever has changed is far too extreme and has completely taken the fun out of Atlas for me. Needing to lose a ridiculous amount of troops and resources to get any event prizes, I’d rather not play it at all.


This might be of interest :smiley: (didn’t exist when this thread was originally posted but good news)


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