Betrayal of Player

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I just want to let everyone know about a situation we had in our team and so this doesn’t happen again to anyone else because it’s the second time this guy has done it.

To start of this players name is [name removed] he joined our team a while back and very fast he became an officer because he had alot of knowledge in atlas. He was a very helpful player he made our lands big and stronger with updates. We all pitched in with gold time and effort I don’t complain on that. But then he made a deal with a very big and powerful team to buy some land close to ours so we sold the smaller land and acquired a bigger land level 3. After that we paid our land upgraded what we could the benefits where good. Then out of the blue he writes an email saying he is leaving the team not to ask questions so nobody asked but after that a couple days later his little minion that he brought with him told us that there was going to be an imminent attack on that hat land from some very strong teams because we didn’t deserve it cuz we are lower levels and bla bla blathis minion of his role is to tell our officers or leaders to talk to them he team who is going to attack to try and save atleast if of our lands of hat we paid so much for and spent on upgrading then an officer from our team found out that we his traitor was leaving us for that d 1 team in exchange for our lands. So he gave th m passage b fore he quit the team and emptied our banks all of them. He did all this when our leader couldn’t get on his o stop him before he did his move. Luckily we where able to keep our lands. Just please be careful with this guy. Rite now he has no team his plan didn’t work out but any team he joins we will be sure to email leader and officers of what he’s done to us so they can deal it how they want

Is this really something that needs to be on the forum?

I’ve known this player for a while so i’m going to remain 100% out of it, but i have let him know that this forum post exists if he wants to chime in at all.

I guess this is a cautionary tale as to why it is important to only put people you trust in the officer positions on your team. Even if the guy was knowlegeable about Atlas, I probably would have been leery of adding him to team management without him putting considerable time into the team. At most I would have added him to the officer’s chats to make him a sort of unofficial officer, or rather a respected advisor.

Moral is: don’t turn over power to people you can’t trust.


Well, its ghazele here, i wont be reading all of this but i guess the title describes the story, all i can say that this is wrong, and its a whole misunderstanding thing, whoever would like to know more of this, here is my line id , ghazele122, ask, ill answer




There are several “gotcha” mechanics I’ve heard about. Like if you appoint someone as “Governor” of a castle and they join another team, the ownership of that castle goes with them. If that’s actually true it sounds crazy to me.

it got changed, not long ago.


I guess it just goes to show that you can’t trust someone you haven’t actually met. Although, all my IRL friends are on different teams, so what do I know?

Nobody cares.


Don’t talk for everyone… lol

It’s something people need to know so it doesn’t happen to any other team this is the second time it happened ok to be first time the team lost everything his time our team was able to get Ale care of it without any major loses. And thanks for letting him know. I can post snaps about his minion telling us he’s from the attacking team and wants an officer from my team to talk to his leader to try and save atleast one base. So

This is a personal call out and has no place on the forums.