Better Hunters' auto attack

I can’t stand seeing Hunter dragons auto attacking BOATS with 3 shots when they only need 1.

I think it’s because the code checks for the state of the boats when auto attacking. While the first shot is flying and hasn’t destroyed the boat yet so the dragon fires more.

Hope the devs change it to 1 shot for boats.


Oh, yes, PLEASE.

Just shoot each boat ONCE when they are in range.


I’d hate the auto-attack feature to become a tool perfecting flawed flights as that’d just take away the point and benefit of practicing.

Hunters, as a dragon type, have been with the highest potential when it comes to performance because the type among all 3 (now 4, since the introduction of invokers) was the hardest to master in general.

But shooting more than one ammo on a boat, when only one is enough to destroy any boat, just seems too wasteful. It isn’t like it takes a huge amount of time to practice in order to “master” how to destroy boats.

A level 1’s hunter can destroy any boat with only one ammo, even boats on JL’s base. -merely saying it as destroying 70%+ of fully maxed bases constantly with hauheset takes time to master, while destroying a boat in range on any base with one hunter ammo shot do not.

OP isn’t asking for auto attacks to suddenly turn anyone into a master hunter flyer. (Neigher am I.) So I don’t really have any reason to disagree.

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Nah, it’s auto attack. It shouldn’t be as good as a person flying it. If ya want to take the lazy route, let it drain your ammo :rofl:


Yeh I’m with u. If u don’t what it to wast ur ammo don’t use it on auto :rofl:

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Warriors and Sorcerers have way more advantage when it comes to auto attacking boats.

It only costs them 1 second late to attack the islands. On the other hand, Hunters lose all of their ammo.

Also, they are only boats. They don’t have a big impact on the gameplay, it’s not like they’re a game changer. Even a new player knows to reserve ammo when destroying boats.

One more thing I just noticed, Hunters take 8 shots to destroy the Temple on auto attack.

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