Better weapons for Leos

Compared to previous seasonal warriors (Chimerak, Zamrok, Abraxxas), Leos seems to have no where near the abilities of these destructive tanks and even seems a bit wimpy in comparison. He really needs another weapon or maybe create an explosive shield that also regenerates.

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Abraxxas is no way a good comparison, sorry to break it to you…


It is meant to be that simple.
Fair enough that it heals itself by having a shield and it increases the damage all by itself.
Have you compared the attack stats?
They said that the attack is better than the attack of the others-

Unfortunately we don’t get to cherry pick our spells per dragon or we would all have noc with invincibility vines white lighting white thunderstorm and the miracle Kelvin attack. Part of the game strategy is taking each dragon for its weakness or strength and learning to use or find a dragon that suits your style. There is an assortment to choose from. It gets annoying a little when every time a dragon comes out people complain about it’s spell and hope pg will give you something you want. Well there has to be a balance between being able to destroy a base and being able to defend a base against. So take the dragons that come and learn to use them or don’t get them… If you want a dragon that beats any base try developing your own version of war dragons and don’t be surprised if many don’t play because there is no point in building a base that can’t stop a dragon because you made an I win button combination of spells on your dream dragon

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I’m a big boy and live in my own place with my beautiful wife ginganinja. I have a great life but I appreciate your concern. I would let you know that when dealing with people converting to insults is not the most effective way to get your point across and it likely makes you look far less mature than the person you are calling a child in their parents basement. Either way happy dragons and I hope that in the future you find the dragon that suits your wants and desires. Have a wonderful day!!!


On a related note tomorrow I’m even going to a murder mystery dinner with my wife… I’m pretty excited at the possibility to expose her as the killer… she is a red head, that means she is capable of extreme… sass… I’m really just going to take her to see my awesome skills as a detective so she doesn’t get any ideas

Sounds like fun!

Lol I see from your wonderful award winning personality that the depth and capacity of this conversation will likely never surpass the surface so best of luck and enjoy your day.

Now I’m so curious about what was told but someone chickened out and deleted their reply, though I can guess the contents…

Yea was very childish. :joy:

Not just childish, but also rude.

Leos Greatest Spell is Darkflak Resist, everyone will agree about this. but since it cant resist darkflak stun and discounted week has ended, here i am in sober with my choice :turtle::sob::sob:

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