Between attacks with defender(s)

I have noticed when choosing my next dragon with defenders, time is short to select extra spell, even just to boost. Is this intended to be like this?
I noticed this for a long time but now I really took the piss when it selected in this event ember lvl1 agains lvl 200 with a IF :crazy_face:


I think it is by design so you don’t make the defenders wait too much or allow the attacker to stalk for time if you’re in a war and doing a decoy attack to draw defenders on a big base and block them, while the real attacker attack the same base less likely to be defended (I’m talking about the experience of lower tier leagues, not the higher tiers :grin:).

3 more seconds! Please! Not too much to ask.


For me there is also a lag time that seems to cut into the time I have to pick a dragon. I have to move VERY fast if I want to boost/unboost a dragon and god forbid heal it first. IF is pretty much impossible to get to in time if it’s not already equipped. I try to set everything up in advance but sometimes that isn’t possible. A friend of mine said that the game gives her 12 seconds to pick, but I only get 6 seconds (I’m assuming that’s where that lag time comes in). Picking the next dragon is more stressful than the actual battle sometimes lol


Lol the moment when RYUU comes out in war by accident


I always set up before I join a war as backup. For pvp events I set up before I run.

It may be meant to be like this but then it shouldn’t. A defended base is difficult already, and if you don’t even have time to properly equip your next dragon 🤷 one can say you have to equip previously but you never know when will you be shot down right?

They definitely need to make the time you have for picking a dragon longer. I know they don’t want you to take too long, but it’s just too fast!

You get accidentally equipped or not equipped items including boosts and spells. Heaven forbid you weren’t looking at the screen when it just opened the pick a dragon screen. Say hello to Ryuu lol. I’ve also suggested a noise and possibly a vibrate (iPads don’t vibrate) for when it’s your turn to pick a dragon to prevent auto picking a dragon you don’t want in this post Suggestion: Noise for War Defend Banner and Pick a Dragon in Battle.

Six seconds would be a luxury. I get three seconds sometimes. And sometimes even the next dragon jumps in, having been chosen for me by the program, with no time whatsoever. If I lose the battle and there are Super Attacks and IFs involved, I get an expression on my face that makes my dog leave the room wimpering. It takes some major alcohol or some focused breathing to get me back to normal.
So PLEASE, PG, for my health and well-being, see to this as soon as possible!!!

I have been bit by this many times myself but what I have learned is to pre-equip my dragons like others have said, especially if adding a spell, resist, or IF. At least have the thing you want ready to be selected (select it then uncheck it) I find I have enough time to check it but not enough time to pick it from the list.

I got your points. Still, sometimes it doesn’t even give time to boost/unboost next drag which should be easy. To prepare earlier with a spell I need to know which, red or blue

yeah, it sucks and can be very embarrassing if you join someone’s run and die a horrible death.


My dragons are always boosted and equipped so the only times I need to change anything is to uncheck stuff.

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