BEWARE of Mogorot

Don’t judge me, I selected Mogorot as my mythic for the season.

I have this dragon loaded.

Armor: 4 Exotic + 4 Mythic (all L10)
Rider: Anja L60 (+128 ATK, +119 HP, +10% Rage)
Mythic/Leg runes, Exotic/Mythic/Mythic glyphs (+41 ATK, +15 HP, -1.75s Sorrow cooldown)
Ascended Mogorot (+2% ATK/HP )
Research (50% complete Arcanum)

Mogorot is by far the worst Seasonal mythic I have owned.
Quasar, Sorath’rim, Jaalkan, Steelwing, Reyze, Krygant, Durgoth, Perwog, Mogorot

Reyze was the second worse, but he could take out ALL undefended bases and most 1D bases. The key to Reyze was having the rage on a long island for a multiple casting of Searing Ray (breath buff) and Wing Flare (freeze).

Mogorot struggles to clear +80B undefended bases. There is no chance with 1D. The problem is with the Freeze spell:

Color: Reyze white; Mogorot red
Any red mage in the back of a long island and you don’t have a 2nd defense… so all towers and SS take you down quickly.

Time: Reyze 3s; Mogorot 1s
The spell only stops projectiles, there is no safe time to take out any towers.

Area Reyze 100; Mogorot 80

Additionally, Reyze and Mogorot have the same breath boost stats +300% atk, 3s… but Mogorot’s costs 20% HP.

Buyer beware. I’d prefer a tier down Amaruhk over this garbage.
These are my thoughts after the first 24 hours. I’ll try a few weeks and look for hints from our expert flyers. I’m expecting to soon be left with one thing to say “Vivian meet Mogorot, Mogorot meet Vivian”.

UPDATE: okay, he can take on 100B-160B undefended bases fine (with single red mages per long island). Now to put more time into double red mages.


He will go on my perch.


imo his breath is too weak for a dragon without a 1-shot or strong debuff. The freeze is definitely a bad spell that we’ve seen better versions on a dozen or more past dragons, even legendaries.

The 20% hp loss though isnt how it was advertised. It is advertized like you instantly lose 20% HP as soon as you cast it. Instead it is a gradual loss over the duration so that damage can be countered from the passive healing. I still think it’s a dumb mechanic that serves no actual purpose but that part isnt as bad as it originally seemed.

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Reyze was not bad by all means. Personally I didn’t like him but he was VERY capable of doing at least double def quite smooth.


I’d like to see footage of that. I haven’t even seen enough of the Reyze footage to see that happen. I never seen Reyze like that it seems like people are treating him as some godly warrior which makes no sense to me as long as your hitting down that’s what I always assumed.

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Well unfortunately I can’t travel back in time, if I could, I’d go back to the day before I turned 30 :joy::rofl: jokes aside from a defenders perspective I can say that I’ve definitely seen some really good Reyze fliers who made a (maxed at that time) base look almost enfeebled. And it wasn’t all ballistas, promise :crossed_fingers:t3:


You mean Krefeeble? That’s for babies imo or when bullies show up, only find it necessary when there is some big uh dear I say donkey that shows up at your castle uninvited and it get’s worse if your not confident you can take 80b - 100b+ base defense.

@WolfWitchLuna Luna there you go full playlist just like u asked for. Now watch and get lost in thoughts :thought_balloon:. Rezye kicked asses :joy:. Nine videos for you to keep entertained throughout Christmas and New year


This is how it is working:
0 second (spell activated)
0.9 second -5%
1.9 second -5%
2.9 second -5%
3.0 second (spell ends)
3.9 second -5%

The last two -5% happen near & after the spell has ended. So you always end the spell with -10%. It doesn’t matter how many towers you kill in the 3s, you will end with -10%.

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Unless Jezz was indeed referring to Krelos, the definition of “enfeeble” is quite literally “to weaken”, while “enfeebled” means “to be made weak”. (The base word, “feeble”, means “weak”.)

I’m thrilled to have served as your English teacher. Class is dismissed.


I’m guessing you only get that effect if you had exotic runes and glyphs combined with mythic and exotic gear. So pretty sure he’d still be no use to me.

In the context of Reyze cruising bases, I think Jezz was simply likening his performance to being as effective as if the Atlas function “enfeeble” was enabled, which weakens a base base 44%.

Going back to question about AI in the event thread, given how often humans manage to miscommunicate, I am a little less sanguine about AI’s potential.


sounds like the opening line of a kinky war dragons themed fan fic

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This makes me so sad. I just want a good warrior :sob::sob: pg pretty please with a cherry on top give him a buff :pray::pray::pray::pleading_face:


Stop making excuses lol.
Reyze was fine.


What do you say about these newer dragons then? Do you see any footage of someone taking down a max base with barely any gear or just elite? If you have I clearly haven’t seen anyone do that because of the fact it’s a chore to get that type of gear.


Perch:… got it

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Here are some potential changes that I think might make Mogorot better:

Passive and cloak - no change
Breath boost - and/or: a longer duration (5s instead of 3s); reducing health cost (15 or 10% instead of 20%); increasing damage boost (400% instead of 300%).
Freeze spell - red, 0 rage, 10% HP damage, 3s freeze w/ 4s cooldown
- white, 1 rage, 8% HP damage, 3s freeze w/ 4s cooldown
- white, 1 rage, 0% HP damage, 3s freeze w/ 4s cooldown, towers deal 50% less damage
(Any combination of changes)

I think it would be most beneficial if the rune/glyph boosted the breath spell rather than the freeze. (Ideally for me, the rune would increase breath spell damage). The breath either needs to cost less health over time or destroy towers faster in order to recover health lost. This can be accomplished by increasing the damage and/or duration, and/or reducing the health cost.

The freeze shouldn’t deal much more damage since Mogorot doesn’t heal from spell damage, but the freeze effect should persist longer. I think having the freeze deal no damage, but cause towers to deal less damage will help Mogorot recover health lost from the breath boost more effectively (if health cost remains unchanged). The freeze spell should be white because Mogorot lacks a way to destroy shield towers and red mages before taking damage, even when the cloak is used, and would make Mogorot more consistent with previous warriors.

Functionally, I am comparing Mogorot’s spell cycle to that of Telment. Telment had a dodge and a freeze. The white freeze was used first to avoid super shots, which was then followed by a one shot spell (breath amp for warrior) to take out a key tower. The dodge (cloak for warrior) was then used for continued defense while the second one shot (round 2 of breath amp) was used to take out the next target tower. This was repeated as necessary. I believe that Mogorot will be very efficient and effective if it can utilize this same spell pattern.

I was replying to your message about Reyze, I have said my thoughts on this season’s mythics. They are worse than legendarys we have had in the past.

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Most max bases have a good combination of mythic/exotic runes+glyphs+gears. One should not expect a dragon that is having elite gears/runes etc. to take it down (unless the pilot is exceptionally skilled or if the dragon is imbalanced).

I’m pretty sure a dragon with elite gears/runes will have no problems killing a max base having similar (elite) gears/runes/glyphs.