BEWARE of Mogorot

I see your points and I don’t t disagree with you. I just choose to handle this the way I did so I can get a direct answer from PG. My goal was not to help or discuss. I just want a direct answer to make my decision about the game … which DragonPunch gave me.

Here is the answer


I mean his name is Pursuer , hello :man_shrugging:t2:


Same I have him with every exotic piece you can have on a rider, 5 pieces of exotic 3 mythic, all warrior research done passed eldrich, exotic warrior glyphs and the rest mythic runes, I have him leveled to the highest monarch lvl before radiant, he is at 29.2B and he can barley get through lvl 140-145 towers undefended. He is a mess. My nockmar with all of the same gear and runes maxed at artisan can get through higher towers then this dragon. So those videos out there of players who have him at 22B getting through 150B doubled defended its bs don’t believe it, it’s videos like that that PGs hangs their excuses on. The only good thing about me getting this dragon is I can warn my team and others not to get this dragon now,


For what it’s worth, I just saw Mogorot clearing my 90B base with 1D, no problem. (Not me defending).

Did they defend right? I’m not sure if I should go with Zephyr again because if what I’m hearing is true all these dragons lack something.

The only bad thing I’ve heard about zeph is that icy gale doesn’t reload enough ammo. But if you have enough rage to use the summon that shouldn’t be an issue imo.

Kind of sad to see a hunter that has to rely on its summon to deal more damage, but it is what it is. :sweat_smile:

I wanted a technical hunter, but I was expecting more of a Jaalkan styled or even a Noctarn styled instead. :see_no_evil:


I have him but Sol and is much better and remains my lead dragon unless new lineage hunter knock him off.