Beware the ban hammer

Is it just me, or did a bunch of accounts get banned (or so it seems) starting about 2 hours ago?

Maybe I’m seeing things that are not there.

Don’t cheat and you won’t get banned.(probably)

If you were banned by accident (false positive)you can request a review and PG will look into it and rectify it.

There is another thread from 30 min ago talking about bans so it looks like banning season. :blush:

Woohoo! Pan time!



I will never not like that gif.


That has to be the official ban hammer image by now I think lol


I think it is the right time to do it.

You know, there are real people, like crazy strong who can do that with their bare hands?!?:scream: Rolling a frying pan with their bare hands!! Like a thin pancake (not fluffy American ones​:upside_down_face:)! Mark Henry (big WWE wrestler) can.

This is out of topic, but I’ve been dying to comment this… Maybe there’s a gif of rolling frying pans barehanded somewhere? …

Edit : yay! Found it! Next time PG is rolling a wave of pans!

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The admin cannot pan thee

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