Big hitters for a war attack

Pocket gems do nothing with this practice that is way i do not put a ticket this time

And what shall we expect they (PG) do? :thinking:

They do nothing this is not our first time that has done it to us and nothing

Whats the issue here? They beat you undefended… be mad at your team for not defending not the attacker for beating you.


Still not understand what’s wrong here…
Isn’t we all play a war game?

Are you upset about them declaring war?

No i am upset because they cheat

How did they cheat?

You have a 444 in Platinum and repeatedly declare on the same teams - what do you expect to happen?

Bringing a hitter for only 1 attack

This is already being discussed in a different thread. Its not cheating though.

How else do you expect them to beat a level 400 in Plat league when they dont have anyone big enough. Your lvl 400 shouldn’t be there, so they brought in someone else who shouldn’t be there to beat you. makes sense.

Also i stand by you should be more mad at your own team for not defending you. Not at the game/other team for finding a way to win.


So wait, they brought in a big hitter to deal with your big hitter?



This leader complains at anything :joy:
She got called out in LC for the cheat and then she tried to act innocent like they didn’t know. Then she started to try and prove I was jealous because she could spend 1000s of pounds getting her self up to level 300 and now she’s crying to the forums that her team is losing against a genuinely good team with decent people who don’t cheat or spend?

Yes f y i :joy:

So what I’m hearing is you don’t like that your 400+ got taken out in platinum where you thought it was invisible?


I cant even comprehend the sentence :sunglasses:

Wow this level with defense and attack power :thinking:?

Again, what’s wrong with that image? We have very similar if not higher stat folks on our team

The medals are what’s off to me, but I guess that would just be a massive spender?

True, but that’s a separate question/issue…