Big Problems for Packs

Does anyone have problems with buying chests and packs?

Yeah I have a problem with it. Every time I do it I get a talkin’ to from my wife.


Ewww. Packs. I quit buying them. Just full of nope.


What kind of problem? And are you iOS or Android

Just too much month at the end of the money.



Care to tell us more? What kind of problem? Can you describe it?

My packs get corrupted occasionally and reinstalling the game fixes it, but you could literally mean tons of things by this.

There will be bugs with wars. Glitches in events. You will always have trouble collecting chests in atlas. But there is NEVER problems when spending money lol

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I mean big problems because when I bought the Aloha sigil pack twice it never gave me what was in the pack. Then a few days later after the post I got charged like I bought again but I didn’t.

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