Bird sound in bacground

How do I turn em OFF???

They’re for your own meditative good, dammit!

But seriously, have no clue. I never play this game with sound.


Maybe turning off sounds? If it still works idk

Doesnt help, they wont be muted

Turn ur own music on then🤷‍♂️


So, I don’t play with sound at all, and didn’t fully realize that it is legitimate bird sounds… Just turn it up and WOW is that annoying after .3 seconds

I have both music and sounds turned off and have never experienced this birdsong phenomenon.

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I have them in my ears every day,when I’m loosing my sleep and realizing that it’s the morning already… and I’ve been playing all night again​:speak_no_evil::joy_cat:

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My mom has them too. We can’t turn them off

What bird sounds? :eyes:

I play with music and sounds on but I don’t hear any birds.
What’s wrong with me :woman_facepalming:

This an iOS thing?

I’m on andriod and I haven’t heard the birds as well.

Idk, maybe, I have them but my sounds are almost always off so…no problem here

Yeah, I have them on my iPad, but I too play with my volume off and watching TV.

I have no clue what you’re talking about, after day one I’ve never played with the sound on. When I have to reinstall that is the first thing I make sure to turn off. If I want music I’ll play my own. If I want to hear birds screeching I’ll listen to my cat


I played on Android till this weekend when I purchased an iPad and all of a sudden there is bird tweeting which is really annoying. I don’t want to turn off my sound as I like the game sounds but the birds are really getting on my nerves.

When is this annoyance going to get fixed!

Birds chirping even with all I game sound muted.
Audible in every single screen including loading up screen.

The only way to mute this continual sound is to mute actual device sound.


This is the only way I play WD :rofl:


Same here, but yet the birds keep chirping :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage:

How the heck is that possible??

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The B̞̯̖͘ͅI̥͉̭͔̜͖͞ͅR̰̻͙̮̗̘͓D̖̖̜̯̩ ͖̘̤ṢO̥͚͉͙̙͘ͅU̶ͅN̨Ḏ̞̣̣̮̬͔̀S̡̫̘̭͕ͅ do not grant mercy.

Demand silence and all that will remain are the B̞̯̖͘ͅI̥͉̭͔̜͖͞ͅR̰̻͙̮̗̘͓D̖̖̜̯̩ ͖̘̤ṢO̥͚͉͙̙͘ͅU̶ͅN̨Ḏ̞̣̣̮̬͔̀S̡̫̘̭͕ͅ.