Bird sound in bacground


Birds best sound in the game. But, wrong birds surely? Should be seagulls. White birds flying about base.


I say no, because I don’t hear them and my volume is always off!:grin:


The volume on my iPad stays on since I use it to play a white noise app while I sleep at night (mild insomia sucks…) but I never hear the birds in game since I have the in game music and sound effects turned off. (I recall reading someone on the forums saying they still got the birds even after the sund effects and music were off and their device’s volume wasn’t set at 0.


Yes, PLEASE provide a No Bird Sounds option.


That happens to me, during load screens and if any none game banner notification appear


Replace bird sound with moaning voice :loud_sound:


And still not fixed


Chirp chirp chirp, but this is the least of my concerns now. Hopefully they have their hands full responding to the limited A/B pack offers, and the “return to WD and we will give you free Vanguard dragons” issues at this point.


How do you know that bird sounds aren’t an A/B test? :smiling_imp:


Ah ha ha ha ha HA! The best and only LOL I’ve had here on the forums since the post about free Vanguards went up. tyvm. :slight_smile: :joy:


Considering I play on silent I don’t know what group I’m in :laughing:


I think its time to speculate on the bird chirp apology gift.


Lol, never going to happen. With the Vanguard giveaway it’s obvious they care little for their current playerbase


You mean that ignoring a thread about a “feature/bug” that shouldn’t be here when you click “all sound off” shows they don’t care about us?

Not responding even one time to a known bug that is aggravating a lot of players isn’t caring?? No wonder I have such failed relationships… I was taking my advice from PG on how to handle people I “care” about.


Genuinely not sure how to take this reply


Please sell me a pack to shot the birds … They are so annoying I wanted to throw my game up against the wall the other day. It seems they are worse at times then others. Maybe cause I am tired when they annoy me the most. PLEASE PLEASE Get rid of the :bird::bird::bird::bird::bird:


2 weeks since my last comment and yet still no PG comment and no fix.

Having to play this game muted all the time really does take away from the gaming experience. I’m sure I’m not the only person who feels this way and yes I’m also sure there will be members who prefer to play it without sound.

Either way wasn’t this game intended to be enjoyed with sound and not just birds chirping over everything?


There will be a movie. 28 days later.


Still not fixed.

Ffs pg what is it going to take to fix this!


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