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Hello, I am one of the old players and not those at the top of the table. what I see is that there are far too many divine dragons. the time of Ormerr, bixi and so many others and gone … and it’s unfortunate. a divine dragon from time to time was good but it’s too …
lined dragons are forgotten while they are the essence of this game.
for the runes a forge would be good for us to make our runes by combining them


It is true that divines have “taken over” the game. Because there are so many tiers; most players don’t even care about the new tiers and just work to getting to the next, so they can evolve there divines. So many divine dragons/so many tiers…when does it end!!!

Forging runes (let us create the runes) would not be a bad idea at all. Remove silvers from the game because silver chests is just a waste of time…when trying to chest farm.


This model allows low to non spenders to earn some nice drags to supplement their lineage roster. Its probably one of the most popular changes pg has ever made. Otherwise, most players would be waiting upwards of 6 months between good drags while they shlug through expensive breeders. Thats just not enough to keep ppl engaged.
Yeah theres a lot of divines which kinda makes the term divine not really fitting anymore, but it means we can choose one or two each season that fits our play style, which is awesome.


I don’t mean to bring the discussion to theological plan but there are hundreds or millions of gods in certain religions so dozens in WD don’t seem too much for godlike skylords. Divines in War Dragons universe stands for this :

So far, I think they fit this definition :wink:


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