Bjorn at lvl 50

Can u get the -17% construction with bjorn at lvl 50, or do u need to get him above 50 to get the bonus, thinking about getting bjorn but not if i can’t get the -17% buff
If anyone does have him at lvl 50, can u post the stats u have for him, the construction i mean
I checked neon to see the stats but someone told me that was for lvl 60 bjorn, not sure if they are wrong

He needs to be level 54 to get it


You need 150 skill points to reach the extra 7% building time skill at the end which as RuRu said requires at least level 54. So you need at least 40 of the champion shards (not Bjorn shards) from the atlas champion branch. The stats on Neon are at max level so it’s level 60 yes