Bjorn ridder shards

I claimed them in Atlas but undeniably they are not in my inventory so I am unable to level him up. Anyone else experiencing the same issue? I run on Android.

And before you trolls chime in, yes I’ve submitted a ticket

you should attach the ss for them to see here

Many variables to that
Cah you provide a screenshot of bjorn and your inventory regarding shards?
If you already got bjorn to 50 from the original line for example. You need the champion rider shards and not bjorn shards to lvl it.

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I figured out what I did wrong.

First and foremost, Bjorn is already at 50 so don’t accept Bjorn shards as they are nonsensical in regards to leveling.

To get him to level 60 requires finishing 2 lines, not 1.

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Ouch sad day, glad you found your answer at least.

yea you need to finish the champion rider for that. well good luck

So if you have Björn already (at lvl50) you have to have the Björn line finished to get access to the exotic Björn branch to level it from 50-60?!

Am i the only one finding this absolutely ridiculously stupid? Or hopefully I’m seeing something wrong

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I put in a ticket too. I have 99 useless bjorn shards because he is 50’already. The game menu doesn’t make it clear they only work up to level 50

@Mat or @FieryxFury no idea how to address this but could we get some clarification on this please? Who of PG should we contact?

I mean I simply can NOT believe I have to claim a full line of an atlas rider that I already have only to level it open up a branch to level it up to lvl60?! That doesn’t make sense at all!

Thank you!

You have to complete the Atlas rider line, in order to unlock champion line.
This is not new. They already introduced this structure for 3 seasons.

However you can choose blue generic rider shards or gold pack if your rider has already leveled to lv50


Oh thanks … didn’t see that before. I thought it’s specific Björn shards. Understood and solved for me.

Yeah. 3 options choose gold packs or blue rider shards

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