Black and Purple Rune sighting

Hey PG! I don’t have a picture of it but when I was attacking a base earlier today I saw a black and purple rune on a monument. I can’t remember the name of the owner of the base with it but it does look suspicious to me.

Curious how this would be considered suspicious. ?

There are no black and purple runes in the game

Rare runes are black (near-black) and purple >.>

A screenshot would probably help… and either way, if you suspect suspicious activity, report it in-game or PM to PX on the forums.

No,on the monuments the runes are golden pieces of rock with their symbol on it displayed at the color of their rarity when you’re not in the rune slots of the monument. I was attacking the base on their was that black and purple rune floating. You don’t see those on other players monuments when attacking, right?

So you are saying the symbol you see in the rune vault was floating around the monument? Sounds just like a visual glitch to me then…where it doesn’t link the rune image to the monument.

You don’t understand. I’ll show a screenshot to show an example

Yes please


That’s a Rune/glyph

It looked like this, with the black and purple when I was attacking.

That’s my point. It was floating around the monument like that during my attack and it was black and purple.

@PGJared @Arelyna this is a true story/sighting. It is not a lie

I’m still not seeing a problem.

They have a rare cannon frenzy rune/glyph on their monument.

What am I missing?

Gimme a sec. I’ll use photo editing skills to erect a replica of what I saw

I added a rare cannon frenzy rune to my spare island. It looks the same. The “brightness” changes as it bounces up and down.

If the center appeared black, that may just be a visual aspect not loading 100% property

THIS IS what I saw during my attack on the base

Then as I have stated many times above. The rune didn’t visually load properly.

It happens.

It’s not a cheat or exploit.

It is a visual glitch in a game full of visual glitches.

I’d suggest not hanging yourself up on this…

Edit: nice Photoshop btw :+1:


Okay, sorry. Just thought that it was a cheat or hack being used by the player. @TheRedDelilah close this link please