Black Friday is upon us!



Sup guys,

As Black Friday has grown closer and closer i have been thinking about this season and how it started with such promise.

Black Friday offers a unique opportunity for PG to give back to US the gamers!

Do any of you remember the 99p packs ( 500 rubies, 500 egg tokens ) which ere briefly introduced last year?
WHY NOT BRING THEM BACK FOR BLACK FRIDAY and further more discount them to 50p!
Not meaning to sound cheap but I’m sure the rest of you will agree that lately it feels like we are having to put our hands in our pockets a lot more than we need to…

In regards to Black Friday, i think it would be a wonderful idea if PG discounted the ENTIRE season…
I sound ungrateful some might say?

Let me explain…

Imagine if your a new gamer who has joined the game and see all these kool dragons such as ALGOR, MORPHOS, SAGE etc…
Watchin your team mates fly them and knowing that you will not be able to obtain them because you found out about the game too late.
On the flip side, imagine that you are a existing gamer who has been in game for 1,2,3 years, never spent a dime on the game and also never completed a season tree…
It would be fair to say thats not a nice feeling as this fall season in particular offers up some pretty stellar dragons!
I would like to make a suggestion here…
All prizes on every branch to be discounted to 50 SIGILS so that EVERYBODY has an EQUAL opportunity to get all the dragons on offer…

Feel free to comment i can take criticism lol.

Take care peeps.


:joy: I’d be worried if someone played that long without completing a single season tree.


I would spend to get the mythic in that case. Maybe do it like a door buster thing, offer “lottery tickets” to a set number of folks that meet predetermined criteria (like waiting in the cold all night in line) and have a percentage of those tickets either give said line discount or some other sort of prize. Like out of a set number of people, % into tiers, different tier different prize. Top 5 something cool, top 15 discount, etc. Giving all the discount would be lame.


Your suggestion is to discount season prizes to make it equal for everybody? It’s pretty equal right now don’t you think? :slight_smile: You just gotta pay more but it’s still equal for everybody.

Also if they do that, the forums will be flooded with people wanting compensation for paying full price for the stuff that’s discounted now.


I love the idea and it’s okay to dream because lord know it will never happen :grinning:


Not realli no, for myself personally i do “ ok “ in events so sigils aren’t realli a. Major issue but i know a lot of players old and new who are lower level that dont do as well in events and dont get as much sigils so they wont get chance to get half wat i could get.

The discount was probably the most logical part of my Black Friday suggestion cuz lets face it the rest is nuffin more than a pipe dream lol

But in answer to yours statement and question, no i dont think its equal at present.

Prizes we get for points earned in events aren’t good enuff so ppl have to spend money…
We shouldn’t have to do that.

As I stated… BLACK FRIDAY is a unique opportunity for PG to give us something special for a change…
If this batch of drags are as special as they have made them out to be then for a 1 time only discount they should allow everybody big and small to get them and be done with it.
Also the “ 99p “ pax is will still provide PG with plenty of money earned as it was a massive hit last time round…
Plus its breeding event Blackfriars week so they know ppl will wana buy them lol.

Cheers for the feedback guys.


I was thinking the same thing reading the post I would hope you could finish at least one branch in a decent amount of gameplay.:see_no_evil:


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