Black Friday Sales?

I thought I saw a Black Friday Sale banner when I loaded into the game and I thought cool - might be some packs 50-90% off like what Amazon and other retail stores do.

But on inspection of the store it looks like everything is the normal price.

Or is it just that the banner came out a day early and we won’t see the black Friday sales until Friday?



No actual sales reduction just new packs in store for same prices. Now containing electrum and cosmic tokens


Those are the Thanksgiving packs. Considering their normal packs are 50-75% “discount” normally, I wouldn’t even bother to look at the “discount” they applied to it.

I also don’t believe in Black Friday. Typically the real price is jacked up so the sale price looks good, but it actually is only 10-20% less than real value. Sometimes you might find a good deal here or there, but I find usually it is more hype than reality.


Honestly I was hoping for a great price, that everyone would buy into, just limited to one purchase per day or whatever…


I was hoping for nothing :man_shrugging:
Absolutely had zero hope of anything that even remotely resembled a actual good deal…….
After 7 years I have learned to not expect any kind of actual discount on anything!


There actually use to be better daily offers here and there but I haven’t had any in a while now, coincidentally I also haven’t spent on a pack in a while either. Would be nice if it payed attention to what daily’s we actually purchased and offered them more but I guess that would make too much sense.

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You know what would have been better? If instead they had done some kind of promotion for charity given the holiday, like 50% of whatever is spent is donated to a local shelter or something similar. Something other than another overpriced money grab.


Here is the truth about Black Friday, and peeps falling for it every year 🥸


Just pfffffft at the whole store. Prices are ridiculous on a good day. Think I pulled an eye muscle with the eyeroll I threw when I saw what they offered for Black Friday special

My side hustle is selling fitness and exercise kit on Amazon but they do have legitimate discounts.

My black friday sales need to be 15-30% off minimum depending on category and the base price is fixed at the average selling price of the past 3 months so if I had legitimate sales in those 3 months my black friday sale has to be another level cheaper again.

I know some sales seem sus but I think buyers can get some good value especially for Xmas shopping.

Personally I like black friday and the after Xmas sales clearances the best.

Anyway thanks all for letting me know that there wasn’t really a black friday sale and it was just a new pack which is only interesting if you are maxing 5 or more islands.

I’m ok with new packs but it makes sense to bring out a new pack that is useable by everyone rather than a tiny segment of the WD community.

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That’s always been a gimmick or click bait… those packs can’t possibly be on sale with the minor amount of resources offered… we need a real Sale price imo $50 for 30k rubies will increase sales

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