Black panther star dies at 43

R.I.P. star dies from colon cancer prayers to family
Story is here


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Just read it in Google.
That man led such a wonderful life!
Rest in Peace Mr. Boseman.

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To stop with all the tomfoolery

While I agree with the sentiment, I can’t let a big word like that slide on the forum…

About the topic, I will silently mourn the actor that made me love that character and I will watch Black Panther to commemorate him.

Wakanda forever :no_good_man:t6:


Who do you think gonna play him now? I wanna say the black super man aka the bad guy from Hobbs and Shaw movie

Perhaps the end of the world? Or maybe the eradication of the human race?

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So many times did we evade destruction of our world this year! There were the bushfires, apparent meteor threats (three times!!!), The corrected calculation of the Mayan Calendar End, some theories about Alien Visitation, and I don’t know if this is indeed a coincidence, but not just Mr. Boseman, but so many people in the acting industry around the world passed away battling cancer. It’s like Covid increased the aggressiveness of Cancer everywhere.

The movie that landed him the role for black panther it’s not really a movie but what really happened happens as he played him in the movie


I agree, except it’s not maybe or perhaps. They want it. Period.

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If god allows it

Nooooo! Black panther is my favorite Avenger! And the move black panther is one of my favorite movies ever! sigh well at least I can watch it over and over again. But I’m going to miss hearing him say Wakanda forever! It just send shivers down my spine when I hear it.

Wakanda Forever!!

So you didn’t like him in 42 or him doing James brown?

I didn’t watch those movies. I’ve only seen him in Black Panther.

You was in it for the movie not the actor

He will be missed by everyone

My heart truly goes out to his family and friends and wish them the strength to get through this. As someone who has lost a parent and grandparent to cancer I know the pain of seeing that happen to someone you love and the depression that can go along with it.

Hearing that he was going through this the whole time he was filming Civil War, Black Panther and the two infinity war movies and still was able to give such great performances just goes to show how amazing he was not just as an actor but as a person and how strong he was.

He will be missed but never forgotten by the millions of people he touched, whether it was in his personal life or though is acting

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It’s ok to mourn