Black Pearl Economy/How much money do you have in stock?

I have made a calculation of how much money I got in my storage stocked up in black pearls that probably will not be used.
Latest drop rate from gold chests where 5% and you got 1600 pearls each time.
I divided my 265K pearls in storage with 1600 and got 165,6 drops.

10 gold chests came at a price of 4000 rubies.
To be more exact I could add the bonus chest at 30 but I neglected that.
So 4000 rubies * 0,05 = 200 rubies
That means 200 rubies, pearls worth, for each 10 gold chests.

200 rubies * 165,6 drops = 33125 rubies

Ruby price is for biggest value pack of rubies ( converted from my countrys currency to USD ) 20k for 135,8 USD.

135,8/20000 = 0,007 USD / ruby

33125 * 0,007 USD = 231,9 USD total worth in stock

Perhaps we could trade these in for money or something else.

And decrease the drop rate for black pearls or something. Some one from WD team said they where going to monitor the development when they changed to 1600 pearl drops.
How did that go?

(Hope I made the calculation correct) :grimacing:

How much money do you have in store?


No. Stop. Everyone needs to STOP asking for this. There used to be a time when we couldn’t even get our perches to 30 just because there weren’t enough pearls, it’s a good thing they’re finally plentiful - even if people have more than they need, THAT’S OKAY! Perches constantly get new upgrades, and this is better than not having enough pearls at all.

Very common misconception is that PG increased drop rate - they didn’t, what they did was increase the value per drop. So you’re getting the drops the same amount as before, just now they have a higher value.

This did not nerf other drops, this doesn’t hurt anyone.

Stop asking for lower pearl drops, stop trying to hurt the economy once again.


This is true… yes I have more pearls now… and it appears drop rate increased… they just increased the number per drop… took me long time to get secondary perch up to 31… long long tim
Stop asking for drops to decrease


Edit: Off-topic: , for decimals? Blasphemy to my precious . decimals!

On-topic: i have much much more than enough pearls, i’d love to have them exchanged for something else. But unless pg increases drop rates for things that are actually useful to players (and not the sh1ts they think players want e.g. exp potions) in exchange for lowering pearl drop rates, i can’t agree to this.

Ask pg to make a way to turn those excess resources into rubies with handsome ratio, then i’ll vote yes, but not this.


Im low level, i need the pearls.
Just because end game players dont need them, doesn’t mean drop rate should be automatically decreased.
Its about high time PG introduced an exchange system where you can exchange pearls and ice shards and fire shards for something useful for those who dont need them.
But dont decrease drop rate !


To many but it’s cool just wish embers got that much attention


You can say that again, for real


Whoaaaa. Ok just because you have extra - doesn’t mean everyone has extra and doesn’t mean you won’t need them. Pearls and elemental embers we use! Ice and fire shards … still not sold on those.

I think perhaps a better strategy may be that we ask for a universal currency for builds…


Personally shards are only good for building a turret to later transform into a flak of some kind to save on embers that are still lacking In Drops ALTHOUGH the drops have gotten better, Than when I first started 3 plus ish years ago lol. Pearls have always been hard to obtain so asking for a draw back on drops, hurts everyone that doesn’t have a maxed out perch or all 3 maxed and as the tower levels increase, so do the cost of pearls to level the perch. So let’s NOT be asking for a reduction In Drops or anything similar as this would effect EVERYONE That’s not end game or close to it

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Drop rate should decrease with level maybe

No. Stop. And refer to my first post. Leave the pearls alone. If people have too many, so be it, better than having too little.

Not every high level has too many pearls.


why decrease takes more higher lmao


Ok mr righteous, what makes you an authority on war dragons economy that you can shut off a conversation by saying you’re right

Lol. Getting feisty, are we?
I’ve played this game for years - long enough to experience the pearl drought for a LONG time. Now, I don’t know about you, but I think having it be EXTREMELY difficult to even get to a level 30 perch where you can fully utilise rider buffs was insane. Getting to garnet to put the mythic warrior that matches my gear element was out of reach, getting to obsidian was nothing but a distant dream, so I was ecstatic when they finally upped the drop value, so was the entirety of the game.

Do you know why this happened in the first place? Well, gather round my dear child for a bed time story that happens to be historical: Once upon a time, in a distant era, there used to be an abundance of pearls. People complained about this abundance and said to reduce this abundance, so PG listened, and we got what felt like a seemingly never ending drought for a long time. The end.

This is exactly what you’re doing now. Stop. Stop taking away from others. Not everyone has an abundance, perches get expensive at higher levels, and if you don’t have an abundance, you’ll still need those pearls to get your perch up, you’ll need even more to sustain it and build a new one.

People would be a lot more grateful to have too much of a once scarce resource than too little.

Ask the 27 people that agreed with my first post.

Instead of trying to claw away resources from others, ask for more of the resources that we actually want more of, leave this as is, it’s not hurting you. Ask for a way to utilise the resources that you have in a way that benefits you.

And next time, be more respectful when addressing others, I did not personally attack you, you should not be petty.

P.S: It’s Miss*


Please no. It’s already hard enough for f2p and e2p to get pearls. I remember the threads about rune dust being to prevalent and now look at it.

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Three words please listen!


Yes that’s the real issue we don’t need less of anything or more of something else
Enough with the up and down!

We don’t need anything removed what we need is
FLEXIBILITY!!! Lmao :joy:
The above should not contain only 3 choices!
Yep the lack of prize claim flexibility is one of the main issue with our economy!
Simply allow players a choice to claim what THEY need!
Please quit asking to have things removed FieryxFury is absolutely correct and I’ve watched the up and down for about 6 years and the solution is obvious :man_shrugging:
If you have 30 plus currencies your gunna need flexibility! :man_shrugging: Simple as that! :crazy_face:


It’s take me 6 freaking months to move to middle long cause of the pearl shortage
I have over 270k pearl now but I don’t complain cause it’s incredibly difficult to get any black pearls at all before the pearl increases so please don’t say anything like this that make you sound st**id

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I think a fix for this would be a transmute RSS to another RSS option. Reducing resources is never the answer


I would gladly support this
Like most people i can use more embers, I would love to trade the fire and ice shard ( that i have zero use for) for just a bit more embers

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Well besides for your condescending taunting you made a lot of good points so I understand where you’re coming from at least. That said, I agree, but I was more protesting how you said it than whether you were right

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