Black pearl in gold chests during breeding

Hi all, am i the only who’s triggered and tilted so hard everytime i get those freaking pearls during breeding :joy::joy::joy: It’s nice if pg can remove that thing and replace with tofu instead :thinking::thinking::thinking:


I still need them and while I’m not starving for them I’m glad they’re there adding to my stockpile.

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Anyone who started playing after the big pearl flood would disagree. I have a maxed flak and enough embers to build a second one. My only perch is still level 12.

What would help is at least upping the quantities to the same level, make those legendary pearl drops 1k as well. And maybe just have them in fort so people can choose to not get them.


No thank you. Black pearls are very scarce.
Just because high levels and heavy spenders have it, doesn’t mean game has enough pearls.

Embers are in good condition, but still not enough for a non-spender to get 3 flaks. With current situation 3 flak setup is best and if you can afford it and still not doing it, your base can’t be called best. It will still be one of decent bases with a dark flak and fire flak in right setup, but definitely not the best :speak_no_evil:


I try to only open chests in pvp events so I hope they don’t go that route.

This most definitely at a minimum.

I’m desperate to get tokens that’s why the tilt is real… Hahaha

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True, at least for me. But then I can accept that I’d have to be higher level and really working hard on events to get an optimal setup without spending. For example I’m currently a level 100 in platinum 4 without atlas. If I was a level 200 in a good sapphire team I’d have considerably more rubies and sigils to spend, and would maybe be able to squeeze out that third flak.

But the second perch would still be way out of reach.

I truly hope they won’t. I have plenty of shards and embers, and for my short base that’s enough. Seagazer perch is lv 21, started the season with 900 pearls, now I have 2100. Fab! 1200 pearls!!! Or maybe not:

For this many I had to open 130 gold chests. (brought over 40, obtained 10, used 32k rubies from previous season)

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one question: How do I get black pearl if they are not in gold chest?

They are in gold chests @Dawncrayon

please read the question and understand it

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Only golds

Mine is lev 14 perch :sob:
But idk how you have plenty of embers. Maybe you are not evolving base as per new premium towers ? :thinking:
Because its right time for changes for your level and mine :smiley: .

Started playing on 13th September 2017, I have been fairly lucky with the gold chests.

I have 2 dark flak cannons on my base, lvl 33 and 29. Current stock from embers: 11.2k.
in storage : Ice flak 4, fire flak 6.

You know that’s not enough right? lol js
Maybe it would have been more than enough if lev 29 was fire flak instead of dark flak.

Of course it is enough. The game is moderately generous with them, so I always have just as much as I need for each FF, and a little more.

Before PG placed black pearls in event prize in fort I guess now they took it away . If u don’t get black pearls in some golds chests , try to open more gold chests when u hv . Another chance PG should show mercy on players and miracles happen to get that black pearls .

Opening gold chests for pearls with the current drop rates and quantities is almost futile.

A simple level 30 perch (for max rider bonus) costs 12100 pearls. In fortification, the event with the highest drop rate, you’d need to open 1061 gold chests to get there (based on Mechengg’s sheet).

I open my chests in breeding, which means about 1600 chests. For me that means I’ll probably get that level 30 perch around early obsidian… Which seems a bit late.


I actually want to hear the answer from the one who bring this post up and cry because of pearl dropping.
and the question is