Black Pearl Updates Discussion Thread

Please discuss the updates to Black Pearl availability here.


Definitely a step in the right direction towards fixing the economy, when it rolls out. A small step, but a step.


Would have been nice if this was done during the discount weeks tho :roll_eyes: now anyone who’s f2p/e2p is fresh out of gc’s unless they hoard


Oooooo, I mean yey for an economy update… but ooooooo damn.
Everyone just opened their gold chests for pvp and the final discount period and now they change the pearl drops :see_no_evil:
Dang. Some people gonna be salty a hell :joy::joy::joy:

Yey for those who saved some to open in fort though :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I yearn for this to happen thanks you so much

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This increases pearl drops in gold chests by just over 5x. Good change.


I opened all of my gold chests for discount weeks. I’ll bet almost everyone did the same. Safe move for PG. Bump it up when folks are chest poor.


Increase egg token drops 60% and that will really help towards fixing that unnecessarily created similar economic problem.


Epic drop increase should be like 750 but the legendary increase is good. Disappointing they’re not going to be added to this fort event.


In fact, there are only three perches that need black pearls,

Flak towers can be built more.
Please increase the drop rate of Ember elemental box
(Even at least one third of the multiple of the dark pearl of the drop rate. Flak towers are consumed more)


We should be able to use the same building material to built flaks ; turrets and perchs. Let us convert all our building shards/ ember and pearls into a common material to build.


Thanks for implementing this after the discount branches have expired this season. I would have hated to have spent all those rubies I’ve been hoarding and actually get something I need. I swear y’all do this stuff just to incite people.

The short version is why didn’t you do this at the start of the season? You know everybody opens all their stuff the first 2 weeks.


Right, I hate your tactics PG.


It really does feel like you have consciously and deliberately tricked your customers, sorry but it does. It’s a great move to address the economy aspect but you have chosen to announce and act at exactly the point at which your customers have opened all their chests, it could perhaps be piss poor planning but right now it feels deliberate. I don’t think either way feels good, if it is an accidental error then you shouldn’t have made it. If it is deliberate then please take a look at yourselves and consider your worth. :man_shrugging: sorry, true.

I’m grateful and happy for the cost free (to yourselves) handout of resources for paying customers, thank you.

I don’t like that you throw it to us at the point at which no one has chests if they are devoted and attentive players. Those who are most engaged are being punished. Ok, that’s your call.

You clearly have senior stakeholders for whom short term revenue trumps a traditional and long term successful business model - they are short sighted. You are sadly trying to maintain careers through appeasement. No one who is up to date with forum views passes them through to these senior and bullish stakeholders. If you do then they are disregarded. You are all scared about jeopardising your positions (understandably) by communicating your customers’ views. The seniors don’t know and don’t care because figures are what count.

Please try.

Understand that your customers want this to work but one of you has to be bold enough to collate customer opinion, present to management and expect challenge. There are many of you and together you can present a view that you know will work better than someone who is simply looking at the bottom line. But you DO need to work together, safety in numbers etc.

“Yeah but it won’t happen because we always put the right ideas to those above and they get declined”. Ok well think differently then, you literally have thousands of customers hoping you’ll be brave enough to stand up to those above. It doesn’t have to be aggressive, just work together and collate the information and present it cold and emotionless. Surely this/these stakeholders will understand the facts - but yeah it’s up to you to present diplomatically.

You read the forums, they don’t. You present to them, they want ROI. This community loves you, show some love back and be brave enough to show those above you that things have to change.

Offering more resources at a point that no one has any chests to open is taking the piss.

Deliberate or accidental? Over to you. Look forward to a response and apologies if I seem enthusiastic but - actually I don’t apologise. Let’s talk.

If you do not reply directly to me then I will definitely see that as an admission of guilt - and I don’t want to view you as guilty, I want to see you as good hard working people who try their best. Convince me. Cheers.


It would be nice if there was also a decrease in the black pearls needed to level the perches. With embers you did it. However this is a step, small, but it is always a step.

There’s never a good time. Announce it week 2, people complain it wasn’t done week 1. Announce it week 1 and people complain it wasn’t done last fort. It keeps going.


A good change with the increase of Black Pearl economy without any drawbacks.

Well done PG and thank you

For players who are curious about the timing. Our team has been working diligently on getting this change out this week at the start of the fortification event. We wanted to make sure that players had a better opportunity to get Pearls so they can work on upgrading those perches.


Then help me upgrade my Flak Tower.

There is more than Perch
You can build more.

Do you have any good news about Naja ?? Too weak Invokers without ammunition reloads are too slow without defenders, and if they do, they can’t even destroy the tower properly.

It’s already a level 100 tower.
Invokers need ammo reloading skills.

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We’re going to be making changes to Embers in the near future i don’t have a clear timeline on it but our product team is working to figure out what avenues make sense to boost ember in the future.