Black Pearls, Can we talk, PG?

I remember when black pearls were in rider lines and now they’re replaced by crafting scrolls that most players find useless. And the only way you can get them is the base boost line which is largely a waste as mosy players will only get 2 weeks out of the full boost (if that) unless they skip the discount dragon.

Three suggestions:

1, change the base boost to be a much cheaper line akin to the egg token boost, same number of black pearls and base boost, but reduce the total price to match the egg boost and lower the other prizes. Move the key fragment to the Festive line to retain balance.

2, add pearls as an option to choose over scrolls in rider lines.

3, add a special 1 time purchase deal of 12k pearls for 19.99 to represent the pearls many of us should have gotten from riders the past few seasons AND fix your daily offers to actually be a goos value and include a focus on pearls for those with under-leveled perches.

Since the lauch of daily offers the most pearls I’ve ever seen is 1k and that was mixed in with an awful 99$ bundle that was largely useless crap.

I can’t speak for everyone else but the ridiculous pricing of your deals, the 5 week base boost change, addition of mythic gear, and artificial scarcity of pearls has my account down to 100% free to play, not even doing elite anymore. It’s digital inventory, it has very little “value” and you’re losing customers over these changes. Between these problems and the drama of nerfing a dragon on occasion has my faith in PG at an all time low, far too low to spend any money even though I do still enjoy the game… for now.


is it me or the op speaks as a spender not a grinder

I agree we need more pearls, but frankly don’t really like any of these solutions.

Much simpler fix, change the pearl drops in chests to match shards, so not 100 epic/225 legendary but more like 250/1000.


Not intending to speak as a spender, I’m a grinder who was elite plus occasional atlas buffs, only pack I ever bought was St Patrick’s bundle but I’m open to spending on a genuinely good deal to support them if they actually improve the game.

What exactly don’t you like about putting black pearls BACK into the rider lines where they belong as an alternative to useless scrolls?

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Choice is okay, if fact quite often fixes a short term problem. But when players have choice it focuses them on the short term goals and quite often puts them at issue in other areas soon there after. Playing catch up consistently is not fun.

Fixing the economy on a whole and not piece meal would be a much better solution imo. Players need to get over having too much of something and concentrate on the lowest denominator.

I’d love to be able to choose a season line because I want the end product, not because I need the specific things in that particular line.


That’s definitely a fair analysis, I’m mostly choosing lines based on crafting shards or mythic glyphs to give a DIFFERENT dragon as it is.

This would lead to a reduction in the items we get from the line plus removal of the key leading towards a divine mythic dragon.

I am not arguing against more pearls, just the mechanic beign suggested.

I forgot to add: put that key in the festive line. I’ll edit now.

Still does not sound great. As it is now the base boost is my third line after discount and token boost. Now I will have to question getting the base boost until later to make sure I can get all 3 keys. That devalues it even further (on top of getting less items in the line including total pearls and shards).

I find the base boost to have no value as it is, i don’t finish my 2nd line until the last 2-3 weeks and use super sigil for 3rd right at the end, so if I did go for base boost I’d only enjoy the full effect for 2 weeks.

Alternatively they could change it to a separate consumable for max base boost for 2 weeks and you earn up to 6-7 of them throughout the line… but as it stands it’s a terribly poor investment to a low/no spending player.

The way the game is going and with the adjustments to towers the base boost for many is a must have. PG’s game mechanics are forcing us to get the boost or be walked over. If this remains to be the case I would argue that PG needs to create an option in discount lines… either a dragon or the base boost. This is a choice that I could get behind.

If with the tower changes it becomes apparent that the bast boost is not required at the higher levels to be relevant I would be in favour of it remaining optional, but if the boost remains a requirement in defending mythic dragons within your tier (any tier) then I would expect PG to make changes to the season lines to accommodate that now that they are looking at towers. Atlas changes and hitting down and overall metrics play a part in this as well.

But I am off topic.

I would definitely be down for choice in where the discount went, right now I feel like the choices are all made for me. Discount is mandatory because there’s no logical justification to skip the resources at half off even if the dragon is crap. A rider to help keep up on shards and bank extra gold chests is also too efficient to forego. The base boost will be set to expire by the time I’d finish it and is a sisyphean grind. And the festive has no key so it’s out of the question. So 2 of my choices are essentially set before I even know what the lines will be, and 2 of the remaining choices are unviable. And overall I’m not basing any of these choices on the dragons or riders or boosts but rather a means to an end for a mythic. The current system is overall unsatisfying. But the lack of pearls and inefficiency of the base boost line vex me most.

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I’m e2p and I finished discount, 125% egg token boost, exotic rune line and most of base boost (1.5 lines left) so far this season. If you arent finishing up your second key until near the end of the season then you arent planning properly, performing as well as needed in events, team isnt hitting 1.2k sigil much or a combination of these. What may help you with future seasons is take a break from getting a mythic for a season and save all your chests to help smash out the next season and not have to rely on sigil chests to finish almost a full line. Rubies are better value opening gold chests for all the stuff you get to help with progression.

There is plenty of value in the base boost line just for the embers, pearls, and dust without even considering the boost itself.

I assure you I’m planning perfectly :wink: this is my 5th season and ive gotten free mythic every season except the first. More sigils from my team would be nice but that’s how it is.

If we hear what PG said before, they should be reducing the parch costs in certain tiers, like they did for towers (embers) and dragons (tokens)

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this is the only thing I agree with. Scrolls are basically junk now.

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Perfect planning wouldn’t require using sigil chests to finish almost a full line but what do I know. I’ve only been playing 3.5 to 4 years. :man_shrugging:

However I do agree that black pearls do need to be increased. Even taking the base boost line I cant keep my perch up with my other towers. I dont agree with your suggestions because your first one seems to be colored by your view of the base boost lines value which is contrary to the value I see in it. Your second one hurts the non atlas players who depend on the scrolls from the line to try to craft at least a little bit of gear. Your third option only helps the spenders who already have plenty of pearls since they just buy what they need.

I have not purchased a single pack this season and have the discount dragon, full token boost and the first 6 lines of base boost completed. Yes I used rubies to ensure I had the discount dragon finished during the discount period but I have already had a return of those rubies. I am well on my way to getting a mythic dragon without spending rubies to be more sigils or having to buy any packs this season.

So the issue you have with the base boost and everything else may be more about activity in the events including team activity. It helps to be on a team that gets the 1200 sigils each week.

Further, the base boost is a decent source of pearls/embers, as I pointed out before. Reducing the cost of that line would also reduce how many pearls Zos will give us so it defeats the purpose of the changes you are suggesting. That is why the idea does not appear very sound to me.

Honestly I dont see anything wrong at all with option 2, nothing wrong with giving more options…

And they already said they arent changing gold chest contents anytime soon, maybe in far future :woman_shrugging:.

Honestly 1000 is crazy, :rofl: it’s funny how you knock any of these ideas and return with something that pg would literally laugh at you over :rofl:
Will never happen, but nice thought :rofl: 250/500 maybe, 1k, bahahahhahahahahhaa

@Aleanjir I honestly dont see anything wrong with idea 2 and 3, messing with the base boost though would take away a lot of resources in other areas that people are needing to progress… and they arent gonna give all of that for the price of the token boost :crazy_face:. I dont even get the base boost line for the actual boost, I get it for the build RSS :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I mean they are offering ember packs, why not pearl packs, buy them if you want… or dont :woman_shrugging:

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