Black pearls for perches


When the perches first came into effect I was getting black pearls in lots of chests now it is very rare that I get them at all. I get like one set of 225 in a good chest out of ten to twenty gold chests. It’s hard to upgrade perches without this. Could we have the drop rate of black pearls increase and maybe put them in bronze chests as well.


No to increased drop rate. YES to increased quantity in each drop. 225 is absolutely pathetic for a legendary drop, that should be the epic drop amount.



However, PG just made perches more important to the greater player base with this defense rider. Probably why this thread was created. I see them just wanting to ride out a wave of package sales.


FYI: bronze chest provide with 100 black pearls. I got twice already.

edit: last week - when we could check the contents - that was the case.


I’ve never had black pearls in my bronze chests lol


Never have had black pearls in a bronze chest. I agree with the majority of the player base saying we don’t have enough black pearls and the quantities to get them are super low. We need more black pearls


Black pearls would be an epic drop - seeing that you get 1 epic chest every 100 bronze chests and that there are plenty of other epic drops…the rate is indeed every low. I have gotten it once out of literally thousands and thousands of chests haha.


Very true 225 doesn’t get you anywhere when you need 1000 or more to upgrade


Having just started at the beginning of this year, I have grinded my little heart out for gold chest just for pearls and get no where, still only have 1 perch at level 3…it seems near impossible for people that started later in the game. Its a real disadvantage in the feeding events when all I can feed on my perch is a mere 5k


Hey PG, I would be willing to bet I’m not the only one wanting to PAY for black pearls. I know I can pay for gold chests, but when all I want is black pearls the odds just aren’t there to make it worth it. Just saying, since this game is all about being able to pay to play now…


It takes a while if you’re not spending cash like water haha. Be patient though! I had 50 pearls for the longest time (I think those 50 came from an event because I don’t think a 50 pearl drop exists today) and I only was able to upgrade my perch after opening 120 gold chests in a Pvp event. I think acco4ding to menchengg’s calculator pvp events has hte highest drop rate.


How about black pearls replace the fire and/or ice embers in seasonal lines? I think most players have an absurd amount of fire/ice embers but are lacking the pearls to even keep leveling up one out of three perches with the rest of your turrets. Fire and Ice turrets have fallen very far off the current meta so not many people would benefit from the fire/ice rewards we have to claim to proceed in the seasonal lines.


Replacing fire/ice with black pearls is not the solution. You’re just moving swapping the absence to another resource.
Alternating the rewards either by event (week by week) or event rewards (within the week) would be better.

None of this will happen though. An absence of resources encourages spending. That’s what PG want.


Won’t simply adjusting the amount of pearl drop rate will be the solution?

  1. Adjust the amount of epic and legendary drop. (e.g. 100 ==> 125 , 225 ==> 1000)
  2. Adjust the probability of epic drop and legendary drop rate of Black Pearl during Fort event, (and I mean the other drops aren’t adjusted) so that the average rate of pearl during Fort is slightly higher than Pvp/other events.


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