Black pearls in points achievements

Next fortification plz put black pearls in points achievements which PG did before. @PGCrisis



Pearls are getting to be like Atlas, those that have them, don’t want them or need them, but those that don’t have them are dying to get them!

Take black pearls out of gold chests please. :grin:


We need black pearls…l

… Like we need rabies.

Kindly do not.

For the majority of players that are short on pearls - you probably shouldnt be building a perch at the moment - your actual base is more important now.

By the time there is a lul in the base activity when its a good time to build one, you have enough to get the few lvls needed out of it, then you dont need it again till 300 or so by which time you have more than you need


Pearl is very useful for feeding event though.
Especially for anyone in green tier or below, where not every dragon can eat a lot.

Feeding event :thinking:

I think pearls should come back. Pearls are easy points like shards and embers. Some people who are new or lower levels and don’t have access to the elemental and turrets can gain points with pearls since there isn’t a requirement on level. I believe the amount of pearls should be lowered. I shouldn’t open 10 gold chest and 2-4 of the drops are pearls.

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Veteran players have this nagging habit of telling new players on these forums what we “need”. I really do not care what you think I “need”, I simply may “want” something and are submitting the request for it. You see this is just one of many, many games available to play on my mobile device. I choose to play because I “want” to, not because I “need” to play. On the other hand, PG “needs” new players or this game dies. If you “want” this game to succeed you “need” to be open to the opinions of others.


Fine new players can then happily build a shit base and come cry when your ass gets handed to you later on.

Knock yourself out.

By all means give them craploads of pearls and fire shards and ice to drown in, and let them build thousands of level one towers and put them in storage.

Build a nice long base with all your towers equal levels and perches everywhere.

So in summary if you so desperately want it- buy it, don’t f up the drop table for the rest of the players.


I’m sure they store their forks next to the toaster which is kept in the bath tub right next to the tub.

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I’m an alt and I have a “cookie cutter” base so… Yeah I need black pearls.

Doesn’t sound like a very good cookie cutter base then 🤷

Either way I’m reporting your last comment, not necessary buddy

Bahahaha give me grief and I give you grief :grin::+1:t2:
Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.

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Do I get to report Gox’s comment since he said shit and ass?

The fact that you have played longer and still haven’t figured out the basics is telling.

But hey post on your main and we can happily compare and see who is right about base design?

The reason your alt can have a cookie cutter base is because people that had a clue explained it…

Seems like I’ve entered into a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent…

Why o you think I started this account? To correct the mistakes I made when I started playing.

Then why do you want more pearls if they obviously are in over supply later?

A much more useful approach would be to ask for choices in rewards, where reaching a certain reward tier allows a player to chose between different rewards, but blindly screwing the majority of players by giving out things that arent needed is plain wrong.

Its like asking for more nocturnal fissure runes as event rewards because you have a sapphire dragon, when its abundantly more useful to have wisdom and rage

I built a perch…I must have a terrible base, but I would not mind having a few pearls. I have gold dragons now, and my perch can still only take a green. It may be observational biase, but it does seem my farms are harder to kill with a warrior perch, even at my paltry level.

Because the majority of players have an over abundance of black pearls? That I highly doubt. Just a majority of players at your level/experience following your same strategy. And your talking down towards someone else for having the audacity to not have the same base building strategy or timetable is extremely patronizing.

As someone who would like to finally build my 2nd perch at some point, it’s shocking that I’ve managed to accumulate a grand total of 500 black pearls since the winter season began and in that time I’ve opened close to 100 gold chests and grinded like crazy in events.

This happens regularly now, people in one position complaining about how much of something they have and it causes a shift in balance that screws over others.