Black pearls - which event is best for getting them

I had a dry spell recently and was not lucky to get pearls from gold chests.
At which event the chances for getting them, are best?
I need 1k of pearls -> How many chests I should hoard/open ?

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OMG ! ~600 pearls per ~150 chests, This is even lower then I expected. Its a 4 months process.
i only care for pearls not Eggs (at this stage)

Yeah, Black Pearls have seen a decline in drops lately. What level are you? I’ve never seen someone prefer BPs over egg tokens. :t_rex:

It’s all thanks to some amazing old players cribbing their life about excessive black pearls.


level 85. with gold legendary incubating.
My goal is to get the perch to green level for durga.
Gold tier is not a problem in egg terms. you have enough from normal game play

Durga is orange

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yeah, sorry, Munin. :slight_smile: Eyes on the prize, Green level perch -> 800 pearls

What perch will you put Munin on and what towers will that perch affect? I am curious to know why you wish to put a sorcerer on a perch vs. a legendary warrior’s health boost (which I have found to be the most helpful). :t_rex:

First objective is to get to green level. Second phase to select the best dragon for the only perch i have.
There is no way I can support 2 perches when it take so much time to get it to green level.
i assumes the perch level should correspond your current dragon tier.

If pearl dropping % is the same at all events I’ll just hoard the gold chests and open them when I 'm out of patience

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All of them,if you are me :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::expressionless:
Take them all from my chests,please :pray:t2::joy_cat:

Pearls have been dropping very well for me during Fort event. In fact, I have extra pearls at the moment.

I suggest opening 1/3 of your total gold chests during fort, and 2/3 during PvP for best overall results. But if you want only pearls then open all during fort. Only drawback is losing some to useless wood prizes.

Every event has some “useless” prizes.

If you need pearls, you should open during fortification. No other event has both the legendary and epic drop at the slightly higher rate.

It is still slow going. But it is your only choice. You cannot purchase them, and they are not available as a prize (for now… They were before).

I wouldnt mind the wood packs if they actually were “epic” and “legendary”. Unfortunately the payout is “Crap” and “Piss poor”

I can farm the amount of wood that comes in an epic wood pack in a single raid, even DURING fort. So basically its worth 1 heal potion. 1 heal potion (equivalent value) should not be a gold chest prize. Likewise the legendary wood pack I can farm that amount in a single raid except during fort. During fort its like 3 raids. So again, worth basically 3 heal potions.

They should make the epic wood pack fill your entire storage to full. The legendary should fill your entire wood storage to full and you can use it 3 times.

Then you are fortunate.

I have a difficult time finding 400k lumber or food during their events. So, while I don’t seek these drops, I find them useful. Especially the food, now that perches can be used to continuously feed a dragon or three.

If it helps, i think black pearls drop more during fortification frenzy. that is usually when I find them, but i am not 100% sure though

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Part of it has to do with scaling. I don’t know what level you are, but I suspect that wood packs grow in usefulness as you get bigger because the amount of wood that comes in them scales with your base size whereas the amount of wood that it is feasible to raid during is relatively static no matter what your base size.

That’s why so many of the big players say they cant build during fort, except using shards. But the big players would also benefit from revising the wood packs as I described in my last post.

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Thanks I will save my gold chests and open them during the next fort event.
At this stage (lvl 85) my goal is to bring the perch to green level.
All other “resources” are not hard to get. Either by team donations or as frequent drops fro chests

As you get higher, if drop rates remain unchanged, you will likely find that pearls and elemental shards are a limiter. Embers drop like candy now, which is good since you need A LOT of them.

My advice is to reconsider if you would do better using the flaks rather than the turrets. The turrets are not useless, but their value lessens as you get higher.

If I were doing it all over right now, I would have only one of each turret type until I had a good reason to have a full base, and then I would have two of each.

Sadly, I don’t have a storage full of 63s just waiting for me to rearrange my base as the game evolves. And PG has not ever indicated that any kind of tower swap/morph/conversion/evolution is going to be I’m the cards… Plenty of long-time players have brought this issue up many times… New tower types change strategies greatly, and building a new tower (or three) up 63 levels is cost-prohibitive for most.

When I first started we used to get a lot of pearls from fortification prizes, but they removed them cause high levels had too many, now new players don’t get nearly enough.