Black pearls - which event is best for getting them


Once upon a time there were pearls on the individual prize tiers during the Fort event.

But I haven’t seen that since Spring season last year.

They also have taken most of the turret shards off of the season trees and for the most part replaced them with gold chests (plus the Harbinger stone, which took a spot).

Basically they are going more and more to a “gold chest only” source for everything you need. Since gold chests drop randomly it becomes very hard to plan and control what supplies you will have and when - unless you buy so many gold chests that it becomes a statistical process (which I think is the whole idea).


Fortification is the best event for pearls.

Even so, as you get higher level, if you were not around when they were handing them out like skittles, you will find that you never have enough.

@PGJared @PGEggToken – perhaps, now that gold chests are the only way to get pearls and with the changes to how rider buffs work (i.e., there is basically a requirement for a good base to have at least two perches), PG would consider increasing the size of the pearl drops? I do not think changing the frequency is beneficial, since the increased odds for the pearls means that something else would be less likely. However, with the increase in the need for pearls and many player who were not around to collect them when they were plentiful, doubling or tripling the drop size is not unreasonable. Or add them back to the individual prizes?


Yes, its been pretty frustrating experience with Pearls.




i think it would be better if epic packs fill ur storage by half while legendary wood packs fill ur storage entirely.


That would indeed be legendary… but also, PG.


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