Black screen after each attack in event


Anyone else getting this? Three of my teammates also getting it. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Yep we had that happen also


Thank you! I sent a ticket in and got the “we haven’t heard that” thing.


Happened to me too. Had to restart the game to make it go away


Happens to me too. After an attack I’m either getting the “website busy” screen and have to reload the event page or I’m faced with a black screen and have to restart the game altogether; this situation repeats for each and every pvp event. I’m really fed up with all the bugs in this game, and it’s getting ever worse. Instead of fixing things PG invents overcomplicated new events that don’t work, aside from being dull and repetitive, and a new UI that’s obviously badly engineered and laggy. I’m really at the point of thinking about quitting the game altogether…after two and a half years of building up and playing this is definitely not an easy decision, but if a game gets more annoying than entertaining, I guess it’s a step to be taken.


Having similar issues. After each run the game restart itself.
rebooting the phone seems to ease up the symptoms.
Maybe a memory/buffer issue?
Opened a ticket. My galaxy s5 used to handle the game OK.


Yes, this literally happens to me after every event or Atlas attack and has been an ongoing issue for over 2 months. I only get a generic response from support every time. Yesterday I submitted a ticket about the event screen rotating from landscape to portrait causing my game to crash on it’s own or I have to force close the app just to be able to navigate through the event pages. I got the same generic “we’re sorry your game is crashing try these things” response and they didn’t even address the rotating screen complaint at all.


Same here, Black screen just sits there. Couldn’t get in to event at all yesterday. Will see how it goes today.


It happened to me few times


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