Black screen can’t do nothing but close game

A few of us keep getting a black screen can you fix that issue I know it is just not me to ! On iOS


I keep getting the black screen when I attempt to enter the event. iOS as well. I have to force restart the game.

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Thanks for posting this. I was going for a new iPad! But now I know it is a possible bug I’ll refrain.

Blank black screen is popping up here too. :eyes:

Yep. Keep happening. My legendary siege is on with bonus meter on 75 and below page keep coming back instead of win score page. Please solve this issue :weary::sob::rage:. If pg is doing some server patch update, then please keep us informed through announcements.

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yep same here, all sieges activated + 75% bonus meter and i get 100% black screens when i enter event…

I have the same problem. But looks like I get it more when entering the event through the icon.
Try clicking on the event island… seems to be working better.

But I’m getting it when entering Atlas as well.

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Same here! iOS as well.

Better then android lol but this is. Game glitch they have to fix something they had done recent is causing it

@PGJared @PGEggToken

Same here…

I feel your pain. Same here.

I am also having this issue.

I’ve found it to happen only when tappin on the icon, using the tower to enter the event works for me.

Same here. Now it says they’re updating servers please try back later. Now I can’t even get on the game at all…I’m iOS also and Android


Thanks. Will try through the island.

I too have updating servers issue. But I kept pressing retry and eventually got in. iOS

Mine is also at times during attack then also says server issues also when doing event they may need to look at it still needs fixing

@PGCrisis @PGCoffee

Ok thank you will keep tapping lol

I’m having the same issues! Just started! Black screen when entering event and freeze there.